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Throw More Parties

Jeffrey Slayter - March 2, 2020 - 0 comments

One of the greatest gifts of speaking all over the world is the incredible people you meet and the adventures that happen.

One particular moment sticks out very profoundly to me.

I had just spoken onstage with Sir Richard Branson and there was an after-party dinner that was set. I was really excited to go to this dinner because I will be able to listen to what Richard had to say and hear some interesting questions. One of the questions that somebody asked Richard was, “Richard, how do I make more money in my business?” This is a common question so I kind of waited for his response and his response was very unconventional, he said “Throw more parties.” And I thought for a second, the times I’ve had the most impact and made the most money have been when I’ve actually had the most fun in my life.

So, how could you create more experiences in your business and your life where you have more fun and what if that was directly correlated to the amount of money and impact you can create in your life and the people around you?

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📌PS. Communication is directly proportional to our success.

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Utilising your communication skills for sales and speaking will allow you to make better offers, create bigger impact in the world and change more lives for the better.

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