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What Does Jeffrey Do?

Jeffrey Slayter is a top researcher of Leadership and Self Awareness and its application to the high-performing awakening entrepreneurs who are building businesses for a better world and committed to impacting generations to come.

He brings disruptive insights (in a good way) – adventures, coaching, trainings, events, high-end masterminds, iconic guests, tools, tactics and edgy information, with the intention to turn not just your business – but you – inside-out.

Uncovering a unique effective combination of how ancient wisdoms integrate into modern leadership and self awareness for the high-performing entrepreneurs. It has been said by many of his clients that his exploration and research of these deep transformational tools are leaps ahead of conventional modalities and leadership training. This self awareness and leadership work invites you to remember what you are capable of, to innovate beyond the limits of what is considered possible for your business and life and choose more of what actually matters in every moment.
He helps billionaires, industry icons and ambitious entrepreneurs develop leadership, self-awareness, fulfillment, increase their impact and leave a profound and lasting legacy.

High performing awakening entrepreneurs are being called to radically realign their businesses and themselves for a better future. Are you hearing the call?

Enjoy and thanks for changing the world through your businesses!

Key Benefits He Delivers

  • High Level Strategy for the Leaders who are quietly (or not so quietly) Changing the Game in Their Industry.
  • Exploring What is Beyond Personal Development and All the Hype.
  • Sought After by Executives, CEOs and Business Owners for coaching in self awareness, leadership, and strong peer groups who are curious about Plant Medicines, Bio Hacking and Finding a Deeper Fulfillment for Themselves.
  • Journey into the Real Meaning of Life – What is beyond Achievement? What happens after you Reach Your Material Ambitions?
  • Supporting the Highest Performing Entrepreneurs to Stretch their Thinking and Innovate Beyond Linear Projections.
  • Deepen Self Awareness, Leadership, Remembrance, and an Empathic Connection with the Natural World.
  • A Guide and Mentor for Innerpreneurs on the Greatest Journey Ever – Into Themselves.
  • Creating Financial Independence by Aligning Businesses to Empower a Personal Mission in Service to the greater whole.
  • Connection to a Peer Group that is Lifting the Game by committing their time, energy and resources to support generations to come.

Brief Bio

Jeffrey Slayter is a top researcher of Leadership and Self Awareness and its application to the high-performing awakening entrepreneurs. He is a positive disrupter of psyches (in a practical good way) in the areas of self awareness and leadership having played the role of transformational coach for the last 18 years to over three million people from twelve different countries. He has shared the stage with other incredible thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Brian Tracy (world renowned motivational speaker and author), Dr. Demartini (star from the movie The Secret), Frank Kern (the highest paid direct response internet marketer in the world), Tim Ferriss (Author of Four Hour Work Week), Tony Robbins and many others. He questions the validity of the beliefs that are holding leaders back.

Having likely coached one of the coaches you’ve engaged at some point along your entrepreneurial journey, Jeffrey Slayter has a level of mastery in facilitation in the areas of leadership and self awareness. Whether you’re building a billion dollar company or about to break through to the 7 figure mark, there are some core human behaviours that Jeffrey will help you embody faster than anyone else. Some of the world’s biggest game changers, social entrepreneurs, internet marketers and consultants have reported that Jeffrey’s golden edge sharpen self awareness and leadership and integrate “purpose with profits” in a way that brings greater meaning to the work they are doing here in the world. Jeffrey feels called here in this lifetime to support the awakening of entrepreneurs while helping them achieve even greater outcomes for their purpose, profits, people and the planet.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”
– Alan Watts

Dr. John Demartini, from the film ”The Secret”

"Jeffrey has an authentic way of connecting with individuals and genuinely relating to them as if they already are creative geniuses with huge potentials who will leave their own special mark on the world. In this way he catalyzes their ever greater awareness and sets a light their stored, but vast creativities."

Frank Kern, highest paid internet marketer in the world.

"I can’t personally say enough good things about this guy, I think you should pay close attention to what he say-it’ll change your life!”

Bob Proctor, star of The Secret and Life Success Coach

"The work that Jeff does is 'Classic' if you can get an opportunity to work with him – pick it up fast!"

Les Brown, world leading motivational speaker

“If you are looking to transform your life and to live your dreams I highly recommend Jeff Slayter! He will give you methods and techniques to reinvent yourself and your business!”

Stuart D’Arcy, world-renowned surfboard shaper of D’Arcy surfboards

“Jeffrey is the nicest guy and will show you how you can turn your passions into money and maybe even a full time business…!!!”

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