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Live Your Most Remarkable Life

Have fun, love, and leave a legacy.


What is the Impact Initiative Project?

Some of the world’s most influential executives, and entrepreneurs have reported that the Impact Initiative approach has helped them go from “is this all there is?” to uncovering their truest purpose, increasing profits, and leading themselves and the world with a even greater impact.


Success 2.0

Success is only one part of the equation. “Success” isn’t what it”s cracked to be… And when you hit that glass ceiling what’s beyond that? We all search for meaning, purpose and legacy…People around you might say you are doing great. Yet deep down you want your greatest potential to be expressed and to happen faster with greater impact. Discover success on your terms.


What they say

“Jeffrey’s unconventional and effective approach in leadership was a critical component to taking myself and the Pana Chocolate team to the next level.
Informative, efficient, supportive and perhaps the best forward thinker I have worked with. A true leader who’s wisdom has enabled us to rise to become one of the fastest growing vegan chocolate companies in the world. Forever Grateful.“

— Pana Barbounis, PANA ORGANIC

“Jeffrey has an authentic way of connecting with individuals and genuinely relating to them as if they already are creative geniuses with huge potentials who will leave their own special mark on the world. In this way he catalyzes their ever greater awareness and sets a light their stored, but vast creativities“

— Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavioural Specialist and Founder of the Demartini Institute

“I have been doing this for over 40 years and I have never seen anyone connect and care about their audience the way he does. I highly recommend Jeffrey he is an asset to any event.“

— Joel Bauer, Bestselling author and Leading Trainer on Influence

We are a training foundation that contributes to non profits such as the Global Impact Foundation where our mission is to advance education and impact change in a positive way for the greater community and generations to come.

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