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How To Deal With Challenging Times

Jeffrey Slayter - March 9, 2020 - 0 comments

Challenging times, the lost times in our life that happen to us and provide us with the greatest opportunity to grow in who we are, where we’re going and who we are becoming.

Yet sometimes the more we resist these challenging times, the more we actually become them. Wherever we put our attention expands. So if you’re sitting on this precipice, this inflection point right now, you’re dealing with challenging times.

This is our greatest opportunity to move forward. I know I myself have experienced many challenging times, my clients have as well. It is how we relate to these challenging times in our life that will define who we are. When you find yourself at this place no longer ask yourself the simple question “Who am I?”, ask yourself “Who am I not?”

As we start to ask ourselves who we are not, it helps us to find out who we actually are. We also need to remove and detoxify our life from the areas that are distractions because, as I said earlier, wherever we put our attention expands. So it’s time to put our attention on what’s in front of us, and what’s in front of us are golden opportunities if you choose to see them.

It’s a little bit like a flashlight in a dark room. The whole room can be dark yet there could be lots of opportunities in this dark room, but you will only see wherever you shine your flashlight.

So where in your life could you shine your flashlight to actually brighten up the opportunities in your life and change your focus? When you move that flashlight through the room, you will be able to see new things that have always been there that you may never have noticed before because your attention was focused too much on the challenges.

With these challenges, reframe them as opportunities. Challenges are our biggest opportunities and right now as a human family we are experiencing massive challenges, which tells me we have massive opportunities. So what opportunities are you going to bring forth in this time, what can we all bring forth, not just for ourselves but for future generations to come?

This is our greatest vision, our greatest accomplishment and our greatest opportunity for alchemy to take place within ourselves. To no longer blame anything on the outside, but take responsibility for what is happening for us in these moments. It is no longer about “saving the world” but to work on ourselves, which is the most effective way of impacting the world.

As we work on ourselves we will discover the truth of who we are beyond the delusion, beyond the separation, beyond the games that are being played right now to create separation between us.

Really this is our opportunity to look at what unifies us, and what unifies us is love.

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