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About Jeffrey

Thank you for visiting my website. Presumably you are here because you want to understand me on a deeper level. Well, thank you for the opportunity to allow me to share who I am with you.

My Early Years

I grew up in Hawaii and attended school there during my junior years. I couldn’t spell well (and I still can’t), nor write, and I struggled with anything that didn’t interest me. I was itching to get out there experiencing things rather than sitting in a chair and being taught. As you can imagine, this made me feel kinda different and stupid.

So what did I do? I built strong relationships and forged many friendships with both teachers and students (some teachers hated me). Before I knew it, I had a large number of allies who appreciated me for who I was, rather than what I knew. I loved it.

People and their happiness mattered to me

As a kid, I did what a lot of kids did…I skipped school to go surfing and spent a lot of time simply hanging out. But here’s the thing, I didn’t drink or do drugs. I had witnessed what alcoholism and addictions did to people and I chose otherwise. In fact, between you and me, one of my close friends died of alcohol poisoning, so the last thing I wanted to do was drink my sorrows away.

Choosing not to drink in social situations meant that I had to find it within me to get comfy with the social situation without the help of a drink or two. Whilst other people had the alcohol to become comfortable with new social situations, I did not. Nothing wrong with drinking, it just wasn’t my thing…

I learnt to become comfy with discomfort

Don’t get me wrong, I still had a lot of fun. I went to parties, raced cars, got into trouble and well…I saturated my life with adventure. In fact, in hindsight I think I had a HDADD (a severe version of ADD), I just literally couldn’t stand boredom. Later in life of course, I discovered some of the most successful people in life had it (Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Charles Schwab etc…). The plus side? Having HDADD became a great asset because when I found something I was really into, I could process massive volumes of information at a time.

 “ADD is the new Focus”Jeffrey Slayter (spoken by a true ADD person)

I had a gift in disguise!

I remember always being hungry to create something. I found it fun to do stuff for people, witness the smiles on their face and become the go-to-guy for that sort of experience. There was a time in junior high where I saw huge lines of kids buying candy and food from the cafeteria.

Standing in line? Common guys, we can do better than that…

I went to a wholesaler that sold the same food. I bought all the stuff the cafeteria sold (and more) and stored it in my locker, sold it and undercut the cafeteria on their candy (and gave more). Best of all, kids didn’t have to wait in line to get what they wanted! I saved them both time and money. I quickly learned the most important lesson in accounting…

Make a profit.

 “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep”Jeffrey Slayter


My Upbringing

My father was an entrepreneur starting up a company at the time we lived in Hawaii. In the beginning, it was financially tough, and I remember the struggle to meet ends in our family.

I humbly recall Grandma bringing mangoes to the family to eat because mum and dad were struggling with maxed out credit card debt.

But dad never gave up on his business idea and really made it succeed through a few key things; relationships, understanding peoples’ needs, tending to them and having a family that was relying on him. And overnight, his idea was acquired and purchased by a public company.

I Learnt Persistence Off My Dad

Our family went from barely getting by to what felt like overnight success, and moved to Silicon Valley California (when I was 10 years old), the home place of Google Apple LinkedIn and some of the biggest technology companies in the world. Can you imagine?

I remember watching my dad start another company on the kitchen table. Rather than digging deeply into his piggy bank, dad created value out of nothing by using the space between his ears. He literally created things out of “thin air”. I watched as he raised over $50m dollars in venture capitalist funding over the years, and learnt something very important…

If you can take $0 and turn it into $1,000,000 then you can take $1m and turn it into $10m++

 “Wealth is held in your creativity”Jeffrey Slayter

Business was really running through my veins from early times. I was itching to make deals, have fun and deliver smiles to other peoples’ faces.

My Early Professional Life

I needed to pay the bills first so I did what every young teenager starting out did…I got a job at 19 years of age (dad wanted me to find your own path). I worked with a very kind and understanding entrepreneur. I even made a deal with him to help him increase sales as long as I would be allowed to research investment properties online in my spare time.

During this time, I remembered quite a life-defining moment. I was stuck in peak hour traffic on the way to work, and saw the long queues of cars on the road ahead. I thought, “There has to be a better way to life than this…” so I really got pumped to get out of the grind. It’s amazing how motivating a bunch of unhappy people in traffic can be.

It’s not like I was dissatisfied with the job, I just wanted to create a space of my own, and being stuck in traffic wasn’t part of my dream!

So I attended my first personal development seminar at 19 years of age, to kick-start this dream of creating a life of my own. During that seminar I watched the facilitator work with a woman on her relationship with success, achievement, and herself. What I saw was life transforming. I just got inspired.

I knew that I wanted to do the same for others one day so I became obsessed with learning and growing as an individual. I literally spent almost every weekend learning and reading book after book (still doing this today), putting the principles into practice as much as I could to build my own company and have the life I wanted. I even read material whilst I was stuck in peak hour traffic!
It was at 19 years of age that I started my daily meditation practice and I haven’t stopped since. In fact, I can testify that as I got deeper into meditation (as if there is a deeper place to go), life itself got better for me.

One day, I found a really ugly pink house on the internet that was clearly under-priced (pink was the new black). It did need some work (okay, it needed A LOT of work), but gladly, I had built relationships with people so I assembled a team that allowed me to:

  • Borrow money for 3 months to buy the house
  • Fix it up with a good friend of mine
  • Sell the house for more than I bought it for


My Business Life Cycle

It wasn’t long before I went on to buying many pieces of real estate all across the country and by the time I was 26, I owned numerous properties all over the world. Wow, how cool was I? (not really, read on…).

But as we know, all things including business success can be temporary. Life has its way of throwing challenges and at 26 years, I almost lost everything financially through a big, bad investment decision. I say decision because I don’t want to blame circumstance, I want to own it.

Like any human being would feel, I was down and out. Luckily for me, I had done a lot of seminars to stay as positive as I could and I got up and at it again (thank god for positive thinking to drown out all the negative thoughts I was having!). So now was my chance, to reinvent my life again.

As a hobby, I started working with my friends on their businesses and lives, to take things to the next level. I shared with them, how I got success and the mistakes I made so they wouldn’t have to make them themselves.

This was something I knew was part of path. Before I knew it I was consulting, speaking at seminar after seminar and eventually, the big stages of the world!I even shared the stage with some of my biggest inspirations and thought leaders like Richard Branson, Dr. Demartini, Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins. Something I only ever dreamed to do!

From here, working with Fortune 500 companies executives, high performing entreprenuers as a trusted advisor to help them innovate and get results. I was back on my feet building other businesses and investment opportunities in the background with like-minded people I had met during my speaking engagements, and from my incredible select high net-worth clients.

All I Could Have Ever Dreamed for In Life Became Reality! (Cheesy but true)

But here’s the thing. At that very moment, I hit the point in life where I was asking myself “Now What??!?”There was something missing. I wasn’t driven by business and money anymore. I started to find that whilst business was useful, by itself it was empty…

The Next Wave of Human Potential and Business Psychology

After doing a lot of searching and meditation on the matter (and admittedly, surfing), I came to realise that I wanted to catch the next wave of human potential and business psychology (whatever that is). I found the heart of what been present with me the whole time…


I Love Learning, Growing, and Spending Time With People Who Love to Do The Same

Where I Think Humanity Is Heading

Okay here’s a thought. If you take a microscope and look deeply at a cell, and kept going deeper it starts to look like a universe! Imagine the space between molecules, the orbiting electrons, the birth and death of new cells.

To me, the internet is no different. It’s a universe that allows us to connect at a level like no other! This space of freedom of information and connection will allow us to not only connect intellectually, but at the level of the heart (yes, I said heart). We can start talking about the things that need to be talked about, rather than what the mainstream media pumps out. This can affect how we interact with each other personally, and how we do business together (just to bring it back to Earth).

With technology advancing at stupendous speed, people worldwide have started to awaken to a larger unity (“Wow, this is getting deep”). I am a part of The Next Wave of Human Potential and Business Psychology.

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding”Ralph Waldo Emerson

My Life Now?

There is no difference in my work and play. It’s all play (except for the occasional whinger who is victimised by the world). Let’s get real, it’s not perfect, I make mistakes. I do stupid things that even make me laugh. I just tend to relate to my mistakes a little more usefully.

The more I train and consult, run my companies whilst meeting incredible and inspiring people, the better my life becomes. Life is truly a gift.

“Self-Actualising People Must Be What They Can Be”Abraham Maslow


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