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Why work with Jeffrey?

As a facilitator of the Impact Initiative Project, Jeffrey helped me answer the question what comes after “success”

Dear Leader,

At times you may feel unfulfilled, alone, and frustrated at the pace of your impact, You may feel a bit burned out, lack inspiration, not as adventurous and fun as you could be, and stuck in “is this all there is?” mode…sitting on the Launchpad of leadership annoyed at your unfulfilled potential to make an even greater impact faster.


What is our Approach?

To survey and interview a select discreet group of leaders ready to challenge their beliefs on what is possible in life and business. Then we meet in the most amazing locations in the world to discover what comes after “success”. We follow a transformational system including continuous meetings and touch points designed for growth, purpose, collaboration and impact through our businesses and initiatives.

Learn more about the approach here:


What you will gain

  • 40% of membership time is focused on business
  • 40% of membership time is focused on your growth leadership
  • 10% of membership time is on moral ethical future debates
  • 10% of membership time is focused on giving back
  • Go from “I have made it” to greater meaning and purpose
  • Embark on some of the most amazing journeys of your life inward and outward.
  • Collaborate and access other global change makers.
  • Develop self-awareness and deeper fulfillment

We are a training foundation that contributes to non profits such as the Global Impact Foundation where our mission is to advance education and impact change in a positive way for the greater community and generations to come.

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