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The Dirty Trap of the “Hustle”

Jeffrey Slayter - February 24, 2020 - 0 comments

Success is one of those things that we’ve been led to believe will bring us more joy, more happiness.

It’s an external aimless game which seems to be fed to us at a young age that when we finally get the house we want, the car we want or the level of recognition we want, that it’s going to fill some void within us.

But actually, I’ve come to the conclusion, as have many of my clients and you probably have too, this is a complete delusion. It’s been fed to us to continually keep us on the hamster wheel of the hustle, continually moving forward.

However there is one thing that comes out of it, and that is you get the direct experience of no matter what you achieve on the outside, or whatever goals or aspirations you hit, nothing outside of yourself is going to make you any more content than you are right now.

So from this standpoint, if you’ve had the privilege or the opportunity or you’ve driven yourself to success by everyday standards, you’ve had the direct experience that nothing, absolutely nothing outside of yourself is going to bring you any more joy, any more fulfillment than where you actually are right now.

It reminds me of a time when one of my goals and aspirations was to be on some of the biggest stages in the world. I was seeking that experience because I thought if I could just speak to enough people out there then I would be more fulfilled, happier and if enough people applauded, then finally that moment would come.

And I got to that stage, but after being on stage speaking to thousands of people in London I realised that afterwards I felt exactly the same as I did before. The thing that had been different was the delusion. I couldn’t deny anymore that no matter how many experiences I put into my future, nothing would change internally. It was up to me to change my internal state.

So how can you shift your internal state to whatever you’re going after in the world so you can have that experience right now? When you do decide to do this, what you’ll find is you’ll be feeling and making choices from the standpoint of not fear but from opportunity and creative expression. You can then make your choices by following your instinct and who you actually are versus coming from need, the need to fill a void coming from deep fulfillment within yourself.

Our expressions come from a song that we all have to sing within our own selves, as we are a note in the song of the universe and we are then able to express our song. This isn’t because you need to express it or it’s something you have to do. It is something that you just want to do.

Birds sing because they sing, as Alan Watts would say. There’s no reason why they sing, they just sing because they sing. Each of us is connected to nature. We are a part of it, we’re not separate from it and we never have been. We can just express our true nature, be ourselves with ourselves and for ourselves.

We can actually move forward in the rhythms of nature again. Each of us has a unique song to sing, and as we sing those songs from love, from opportunity not from fear, we are then able to live in the now and from this now our creative expressions are born. Our opportunities actually come to us versus actually having to hustle to go to them.

Of course, we must go after things in life. We must make the time and effort, and when we’re in action it’s important that we’re actually in action, and when we’re not in action it’s important we’re not in action and we’re listening.

Most people think that they’re thinking, but as Terrence McKenna says, we’re actually listening to our own soft voice. We are listening to what’s next, and as we begin to settle into the now and feel the deep level of fulfillment that’s available to each one of us at this opportunity right now, what begins to happen and continues to happen is the unfolding takes place.

The unfolding of our universal journey, our soul’s journey that is unique to us. It is no better or worse a scenario than anyone else’s, but just our specific journey for ourselves, with ourselves. Our greatest opportunity lies when we are ourselves.

So be yourself as much as possible whatever that may be, and explore who you actually are on your continuous journey. I am continually exploring myself and I have not
completely figured it out because it’s not something we figure out, it’s something to be.

So enjoy yourself, there’s only one you.

Take care,





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