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Where Should You Put Your Attention As An Entrepreneur Right Now?

Jeffrey Slayter - October 13, 2021 - 0 comments

There are 3 areas that are most important to put your attention as an entrepreneur right now.


1. Where is your ideal client’s attention? 


Has it shifted? 

Has it changed? 

Have you adapted to it? 

Are they hearing you?


2. Get online or die.


3. Introspection. 


Ask yourself what your body needs health-wise to run at its optimum performance. 


What parts of yourself do you need to let go of that are no longer serving you? 

For there is no more time for that anymore. 


It’s great for control if everyone thinks they’re 





It might be time to start questioning that program and with all this time on your hands, you have the time to let it go. 


You’re not just doing this for you, 

You’re doing this for everyone!


Take care,

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