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If You’re Not Having Fun in your Business It’s Costing You Money

Jeffrey Slayter - September 16, 2021 - 0 comments

3 reasons why it’s costing you money:


1. People do business with people they want to have fun with.
If you’re bored it’s getting all over your clients.
It’s like a good movie. People prefer fun in movies.

2.The desire to have fun has been part of human psyche for thousands of years.

3. When we have fun together it creates bonds and trust.
This increase in trust increases collaboration.
The increased collaboration results in more joint partnerships and results in more money.


Here’s how to have more fun in your business:


1. Start by having more fun in your own life and this will rip out into your business.
For example, if you love hiking, surfing, dance, music …
Then start doing it again.
If you have children they’re professionals at this, so spend more time with them.

2. Throw dinners and gatherings with good food and music.

3. Be spontaneous in what are expected to be serious conversations at times.
Tell them to expect the unexpected with you and deliver that.

4. Take people on adventures that you want to take as well.


Take care,

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