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Entrepreneurs and New Ideas

Jeffrey Slayter - September 22, 2021 - 0 comments

The average entrepreneur… thinks that new ideas come from them. 


Yet actually they come from tuning in to what’s already there. 


This is why high performance and health is key to tuning in. 


Tesla says we are transmitters and receivers. 

In order to receive the information that already exists 

That sometimes resides in the highest of frequencies 

We must self-tune our ability to receive through:


  • Altered states (meditation, breathwork, etc)
  • High frequency foods
  • High frequency environments 
  • High frequency inputs into your mind. 


What this does is put you in resonance 

With the information that already exists for you to tune into. 

This information is impossible to tune into 

At lower vibrational states. 


When we do this it gives us 

The entrepreneurial “advantage” of innovation. 


What I’m basically saying is …

The answers you might be looking for 

Exist in a completely other vibrational territory 

And in order to get access to this 

You must resonate at the same frequency. 


High performance living is essential for innovation.


Take care,

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