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Your 90 Day Plan

Jeffrey Slayter - October 6, 2021 - 0 comments

In the next 90 days you have a choice… 


You can complain about what’s going on and want things to be different than they are. 

That’s totally OK – it’s your choice 


But the impact on you will be 

…continued frustration 


…lack of creativity. 


Or you can choose to make this next 90 days a chance to 




What you’re really here for. 


How about using these next 90 days to dive into 

…your calling

…your business and 

…your relationship to yourself. 


Practise time 

…to study what you’ve always wanted to study, 

…to learn to innovate in your business, 

…to sit in meditation.


Now more than ever there’s one critical thing I would suggest you do in your next 90 days. 


Amp up your health.


The reason I’m saying this is not out of fear, 

I say this because the healthier you are the more in tune you’ll be to the subtle messages that nature and the unseen world is sending to you 

And all of us. 


Tesla says we’re like transmitters and receivers. 

There’s definitely a message being sent out.

Can you feel it and hear it? 


Let this message impact your business and what you bring to the world. 


Tune in. 


Something new is being born and that new birth begins with you.


Take care,

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