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The Power of Choice

Jeffrey Slayter - April 27, 2020 - 0 comments

You’ve heard this before, I know I have. Yet, I have forgotten and many people have, that they have the power to choose that they have no choice.

Each of us, many of us have forgotten that we have chosen to have no choice but remember, we’ve chosen that.

And when we can go back to the original premise of what is to be a human being, we can remember that we choose to have a choice. And when we choose to have choice, that means it opens up the choice of love or fear and every single moment and when we begin to choose love, what begins to birth up is ourselves, the freedom to be ourselves with ourselves for ourselves and when we can do this, we’re choosing life versus death and destruction.

This is a critical time to remember that you have a choice and maybe go back to the part of you that might have chosen to have the experience that you have no choice.

And when you can remember that you have, always have a choice, we can start to choose love again and not have a world that no longer looks at what separates us.

We can begin to look at what unifies us and what unifies us is the power to choose and we’ll remember that we have the power to choose which was life.

We choose giving, we choose abundance and from this point, we can normalize what is not normal anymore.

But unfortunate what’s become normal is war, separation, famine and we can choose otherwise.

So choose with our own life, with our own experience of ourselves. If we want to see a more beautiful world, we must see ourselves as beautiful again. So choose, choose yourself and choose beautifully again.

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