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The Number One Strategy to Enrol Your Clients

Jeffrey Slayter - March 8, 2021 - 0 comments

An effective way to turn a potential client into a paying customer is to sell them a blueprint. This is the strategy I use when someone comments on one of my posts and wants to connect with me, or I recognise as someone I could help.


Firstly, I move them to a 10 minute connection call. The intention is to find out whether I can help them, and if not, point them in the right direction to someone who can.


I ask them what resonated with them about me, what their core challenges are and what they want solved. I also establish why now is the right time.


If this is someone I know I can help and want to work with, I offer them a $500 blueprint.

I tell them I’m so confident that this blueprint will help them that if at the end of the call they don’t think it’s worth it, they can keep the blueprint and I‘ll refund their money, PLUS add $100 extra for wasting their time!


If they agree, I send them a link to buy the blueprint.


We then have the blueprint call which goes for 1½ hours and I find out where they’re at and where they want to go in their business. When you’re able to sit with a client and reveal their blueprint they are going to see all the steps they need to take to solve their problem. From here I sell them into whatever program would be suitable as their next step.


The first time you speak with someone ease into it slowly. Build a relationship before you try and sell them a high ticket item, unless you know they’ve already consumed a lot of your content, watched your videos and interacted with you.


If this is the case then I sell them into my 6 week mastermind or high ticket programs sooner.


The idea is to sell as many blueprints as you can.


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