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Pushing vs Receiving

Jeffrey Slayter - March 15, 2021 - 0 comments

It’s easy to keep pushing yourself in business.


Many believe that success comes from constant pushing


…To get things done
…To start new things
…To be more creative.


This is what the self-development industry teaches. But I find that once you move past this,
You realise it’s all about just being in the now. Then the indicated actions will come when you need them.


When we start listening to our soul, when we’re still enough and we tune in, we then only take action when we’re supposed to. When there’s no action and nothing to do this can be very frustrating, but when there’s absolutely nothing to do, what there is to do is do nothing.


And when there’s something to do, there’s something to do, and you do it.


But this can be very counter-intuitive to the self-development hustle movement which says you always have to be doing something.


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