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The Choice Point

Jeffrey Slayter - November 28, 2019 - 0 comments

Every moment has a choice point. What would you choose, love or fear?

You’ve heard this before yet often you’ve chosen not to choose. And when we can finally choose and remind ourselves that we always have a choice, we can choose love again. And when we choose love again we choose ourselves, and we choose ourselves again we choose life, and when we choose life; we chose expression. The expression of our true imprint inside of ourselves.

To birth something new for creation sake, creation for creation’ sake. This is your moment to choose. Choose powerfully because so many people have chosen not to choose. Are you going to choose, are you going to choose life? Are you gonna remember that you had a choice in the first place?

This is our privilege, this is our moment to have this choice. It is your birthright to have a right to choose. Remember what you came here for, remember who you are, remember that life is about remembering what’s already happened; and what’s happened already is you chose love.

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