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Shift From Reaction To Choice

Jeffrey Slayter - April 5, 2021 - 0 comments

Are you someone who makes deadlines? If so you need to be careful of this because it can make you reactionary in your business. Instead, try to be more choice oriented.


The people who are firefighters in their business don’t do well because everyone else’s urgency becomes theirs. They spend time in one place so can’t spend time in another, otherwise they may start more fires.


All you need to do is stop fighting fires for a while and hire someone to help you so the fire never starts again. Your system can create more anxiety in your life because you’re constantly trying to put out fires instead of just keeping them under control.


The shadow side of this is that when you stop fighting fires you can feel like you’re not being useful. This country values hard work, and it values suffering, so you measure your self-worth by being busy and panicky. When you allow yourself to get out of this pattern you will start to stabilise and your mission becomes clearer. Then this is when your team will start to show up.


It’s the same in all areas of your life. We’re so not conditioned to have peace and when we get peace many of us create drama because we’re not used to peace. We think we’re bored when actually we’re not bored. We’re just experiencing true peace for the first time ever.


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