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No Team, No Growth

Jeffrey Slayter - November 9, 2020 - 0 comments

So you’re one of those who’s proud of doing everything yourself.

This is not something to be proud of…
It’s something to GROW OUT OF.

This trait is a sickness that comes from deep down inside you…
A core wound of not feeling significant and
Having the need to control.

Not moving past this core wound can cost you scaling your business and taking your impact to the next level.

What often comes with this is not trusting others.
Telling yourself that you’ll do it alone.

You might call yourself an entrepreneur
Yet if you’re doing everything …
you’re creating a miserable job for yourself.

Let’s say you enjoy speaking and sharing a message
Yet you’re still…

Doing your own books
Designing the website
Writing all the copy
Posting and editing your videos.

You tell yourself it’s because you want to make sure it’s authentic…

That’s not true!

Deep down you’re LYING to yourself.
What you’re really afraid of is trusting others to do a job
That you can’t let go of and want to control.

So even though you call yourself an entrepreneur…
You’re actually a lone ranger
A do-it-yourselfer.

If you want to make an impact you better start trusting
there are people out there who are better than you at
what you’re only mediocre at …

And if you can’t start trusting others and build a team
you will never take your business to the next level.
You’ll always have a job pretending to be an entrepreneur.
Only you’re worse off because you think you’re an entrepreneur
When you’re not.

Sure there are times you have to get your hands dirty
Yet this must only be temporary.

This same rule applies to the 7 and 8 figure entrepreneurs.

I would ask you …
What are you still doing that you can’t find someone better than you at it?

Never stop asking this question.

Stop asking HOW and ask WHO you need on your team.

This allows you to find people who will get the job done.
You need to clearly articulate the outcome you want that’s measurable
and specific in a way that inspires them to do their job.

If you love sales, speaking and leading STICK TO THAT.


Take care,





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