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Want to scale your business? Start within

Jeffrey Slayter - November 16, 2020 - 0 comments

We all hear about the shadow or dark part of ourselves, but the thing that’s not spoken about is you actually need to accept and embrace that part of yourself, rather than dissolving or rejecting it, because it’s still a part of who you are.

The acceptance of all characteristics of who you are:

…the hateful part
…the jealous part
…the loving part
…the compassionate part

All the dualities that exist within you as a being, must be embraced and accepted before you can transcend to a place where you can be fully present.

If there’s any internal conflict around any of the attributes that you carry, you will be in resistance.

Your external world is a reflection of your internal world so when you’re in resistance you’ll have resistance in your business, your relationships, in all things.

So, what’s not taught in personal development?

It is tough beyond personal development. Self-development is inherently selfish because it’s about the self without looking at what the self actually is. If you try to find yourself you realise that you just keep going around in circles.

So inherently the self has no beginning and end but when we move past the self-development, we move into developing ourselves for the greater service of humanity. And when we’re of service it’s not about us anymore.

This isn’t about saving the world because we are the world, and so inherently self-development is limited. But that’s not talked about because it’s not good for the industry. You get to a point that the majority of what is taught is laughable. You know, things like making your vision boards,

It’s okay but you kind of giggle at it, and then you move to having more fun, and when you have more fun, you relate to your shadows differently.

When you’re able to have a cosmic giggle you feel lighter, and when you’re lighter you receive more.


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