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What’s the Difference Between 1:1 Selling vs From a Stage?

Jeffrey Slayter - November 2, 2020 - 0 comments

It’s great to be good at 1:1 selling. I am too, but one of the biggest mistakes I made was thinking this transferred over to the stage, because it doesn’t.

They’re completely different realms with completely different experiences.

Don’t make the mistake I made of leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table, because for two years I was too arrogant and unwilling to learn from somebody else about this domain in sales. I thought I was already good at selling.

I want to call you on this so you don’t make the same mistake.

What I found was that learning stage selling helped me with my 1:1’s because it helped me to hold a stronger frame. If I could hold the frame of 100-200 people in a room, then somebody who was really tough to “sell” to was easy compared to that.

One example is if I was to answer a person’s question in a room on their terms, then they take control of the frame. I would then lose trust with 95% of the room and the leaders in that room would unconsciously decide they don’t trust me to hold their hand.

You must hold the frame in sales and you must trust yourself as you do it.


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