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Money Mindset

Jeffrey Slayter - May 2, 2021 - 0 comments

When people suddenly come into extra cash, they often don’t have the money mindset to manage it.


They may routinely be used to earning $3,000 or 4,000 a month. They live week to week on this amount that they’re used to and if they suddenly receive $10,000 extra that wasn’t available to them with their job, chances are they will spend it all or give it away.


The reason for this is because they still have their old mindset and having more money makes them uncomfortable, in fact unconsciously they don’t feel safe so they get rid of it. This is why some Lotto winners go broke, and even go bankrupt or kill themselves because they just don’t know how to handle it.


Some people who are struggling financially will borrow money to get their stuff in order.


They think the best way out of their financial struggles is to employ coaches to help them change. However if they don’t get their financials in order by actually working on their money mindset, they may have a few more transformation tools but they’ll end up being worse off.


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