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Insights In Emotional Intelligence And Success

Jeffrey Slayter - April 26, 2021 - 0 comments

Emotional intelligence is the ability to know we are not our emotions.


Although we must experience our emotions they are not supposed to derail us. The biggest problem we see with entrepreneurs is they disappear for weeks on end into a deep emotional process when they feel challenged.


Even self-proclaimed enlightened people have emotions, however we are not our emotions.


When we can experience them without attaching to a story or without making them a part of our identity, this is the key to continuing to move at the pace required for success in your business.


We can choose to own our emotions or allow our emotions to own us. They are to be recognised as part of having a body. The fact that we have a nervous system means we’ll have feelings.


Generally what happens is when you allow yourself to be owned by your emotions, you get uncomfortable when you start reaching success. Then you feel like what you’re doing is not in alignment, and this is when you disappear to process the emotions.


When this happens just keep moving forward, because all that’s really happening is you’re not comfortable with being uncomfortable.


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