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What Are The Biggest Challenges For Entrepreneurs, Coaches And Consultants?

Jeffrey Slayter - May 10, 2021 - 0 comments

If you’re an entrepreneur, coach or consultant and you’re presenting to a room full of people who are the same, you must list their challenges.


These will be the same as the ones you had when you were starting out, so pretend to speak to the younger version of yourself as the person who has now learned to overcome those challenges, things like:


  • They don’t feel like they deserve it
  • There is a lack of time or money to implement
  • They’re not prepared to put themselves first
  • They’re too busy hustling and not creating
  • They feel overwhelmed and burnt out
  • They don’t know how to get on stages or get interviews


Make sure you frame these challenges in their language. As a speaker future pace them to being on big stages presenting to people who will look up to them and have what you have, a life they love which creates impact.


More importantly, they don’t know how to sell. It’s important to get the confidence to sell at a higher standard and to move away from a table of mediocrity to one that will be overwhelming and confronting at first, but will lead to more success.


When they hear you identifying the challenges they think they have then they will know that you get it.


Take care,

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