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How to Pick a Domain in Your Life to Raise the Bar

Jeffrey Slayter - August 25, 2021 - 0 comments

You have a warrior inside of you that doesn’t stop at 40% In your business, your life, your health and fitness – everything! So pick a domain in your life where you can raise the bar, because all parts affect the whole.


What domain can you move on from and engage in motion that helps you get through when your mind hits 40%, and says that you can’t keep going?


When you can actually do that then you’ll be at the table with a bunch of lions. At first your table will be small, it might just be you. Around the table there may be only one or two others and then you start questioning yourself, “Am I really doing the right thing?


Slowly but surely, one or two lions start sharing the table with you. You’ll feel a deep sense of isolation at first and then a sense of alienation. That’s the transformation between the gazelle and the lion.


As you alchemise those two you’re still aligned with the gazelle inside you. The ability to be tender when you need to be, and strong when you need to be, and to kill when you need to kill.


But every behaviour is justified and appropriate given the right circumstances. It’s an appropriate behaviour to be angry if someone’s hurting your child, or going after your dog or your freedoms are being stripped away.


Anger is a justifiable thing, but if you look at the BS love and light version, anger is something you shouldn’t feel when in fact it’s something you should harness. You should reach in and grab it, and utilise it to sharpen your sword, so you can actually enter the forest where it’s darkest.


When you enter the forest within yourself that’s darkest what you’ll find is the holy grail and that holy grail within yourself is everything you need for this moment, in this inflection point to move forward. Whatever that inflection point is for you to do your job and play your part, no one else can do this better than you.


But you better do it …Not just for your sake but for generations to come.


Take care,

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