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How Do You Show People The Value in Your Product?

Jeffrey Slayter - September 1, 2021 - 0 comments

You know your product or service is valuable but how do you make sure your potential buyer sees that value?


1. Stop trying to SHOW people the value of your product, have them SEE the value in your product. Do this by speaking to your clients’ problems and offering solutions.

2. Sales is the discovery of a match. You’re an archaeologist who’s discovering what people want and need, then providing a solution for them. In other words, ask more questions and talk less.

3. More information about your products and services doesn’t mean you’re adding more value. You’re probably just causing confusion.

4. Confused minds don’t buy. Offer one thing at a time.

5. Be consistent with your message. Identify the core message that you’re here to deliver.


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