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How To Move Past Worry

Jeffrey Slayter - April 13, 2020 - 0 comments

Worry is a funny thing.

It creeps up out of nowhere. Driving your car, sitting by yourself. There comes out worry again. It’s like an old friend.

But the challenges we relate to it as if it’s something wrong. We worry about worry.

If we become friends with our worries and realise that they’re actually there, to become friends with it again. It’s a reminder to becoming friends with the parts of you that are feeling insecure, not good enough.

As we start to become friends with those parts of ourselves that we love at least, our worries will start to subdue.

The other way to begin to not worry so much is to remember that everything passes. Everything, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, it all passes.

If you’re reading this, whatever you’re worried about remember it will pass, you will pass. Nothing is forever, nothing is constant.

The only constant is change as we begin to re-establish our relationship with worry. We re-establish our relationship with the insecure part of ourselves. The parts of ourselves that are afraid, and we’re no longer driven by our worries.

We still may have them but yet, our actions, they do not stem from our worries or our fears, our actions they are stemmed from our opportunities.

Where we’re going in life, versus where we don’t want to go. Wherever we put our attention at what expense.

So instead of putting your attention on all your worries, put your attention on all your goals, your outcomes, your dreams.

And so sooner or later, your worries will become a soft voice in the background. And what will make do will be the music of your dreams and it will drown out the sound of the worries.

So this is the time. To drown out the noisier worries with the commitment to where you’re going, who you’re becoming and who you’re impacting.

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