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This Is The Time

Jeffrey Slayter - March 16, 2020 - 0 comments

This is the time where you finally say enough, enough of playing small, enough of separating myself from what I know I’m connected to; enough of disempowering conversations.

This is the time where you begin to have a new relationship with yourself, a new beginning, a new opportunity; the opportunity live from opportunity versus fear.

This is that moment where you choose; you choose you, you back yourself, you stand for yourself, you design a life by your terms not by the constructs of what people say you should do.

This is that moment to move forward that moment to realise who and what you are. The full expression of your pattern that is meant to be imprinted into this world.

Everyone is unique, each of us made of the same substance like snowflakes that each unique patterns and if we all play our part and be our unique patterns we sing the universal song of life and we come into harmony again.

Each of us doing our section play our part as a unique expression of the universe. Reflective on itself for itself, with itself as this moment. Choose, choose you, choose your pattern; express it fully, we need you.

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