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Do you want to build a business or make money?

Jeffrey Slayter - February 22, 2021 - 0 comments

Cash is king.


Whatever marketing strategy you have in business, monetising everything you do is what keeps it sustainable.


My dad used to tell me that as a CEO you’re one step away from bankruptcy.
You always need to run your business making sure you have cashflow.
Create optins on your website, free giveaways, sell high ticket items and have offers every time you speak to an audience.


This may seem obvious but too many people focus on having large numbers of social media followers which means nothing unless you’re selling to them, or meeting famous people.


Who cares? What you want is to do deals, and make things happen.


If you don’t have money-making strategies, then you have no business.


Be all about expansion.
How many people are you in front of?
How can you get in front of more people?
How can you make sure you’re in front of the right people?


Look at how many sales you need to make..
In order to hit the net revenue that you want..
Reverse engineer how many people you need to get in front of,
Then how many people from that will book calls,
Then how many people from that will buy…


To make sure that you’re hitting those revenues.



Take care,





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