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How To Grow Your Business Through Discomfort

Jeffrey Slayter - February 15, 2021 - 0 comments

Have you ever noticed that when you raise the bar in your health or you raise the bar in your fitness, it actually can support you in your business? 


I’ve seen this happen a lot.


People start pushing the envelope in their workouts then when times get tough in their business, they push the envelope there as well. 


This is something that we discovered in our own lives. That if we wanted to change one area of our life we’d go to a totally different area and raise the bar there in order to affect that one. 

So what in your life have you been avoiding? 


If you want to grow your business look at a completely different domain in your life. Look at your relationship with yourself, like the mirror of accountability as David Goggin’s says.


Be accountable for where you’re hiding from yourself. Build a different relationship with yourself and it’ll change your relationship with your business and even how much money you can make. 


Look at your relationship with your partner as that could be impacting how much money you’re making. Perhaps every time you’re about to move forward they could literally be holding you back or giving negative comments which affects your business. 


Or maybe it’s your relationship with your friends. You may have built an ecosystem around mediocrity and when you start to see better results in your life, they start questioning what’s wrong with you because you’ve changed. 


The only way to change your business is to actually change your entire ecosystem. So, all parts affect the whole.


In your business you might be comfortable with everything but there’ll be blind spots because you are comfortable. So go and find an area in your life where you’re not comfortable, dive into that and master it. Then suddenly the areas you’ve been hiding in your business will show up and you’ll have the opportunity to actually go to the next level.  



Take care,

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