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An Open Letter to Unconventional Successful Business Owners

Jeffrey Slayter - January 20, 2020 - 0 comments

So if you consider yourself unconventional then you’re willing to shake things up a bit.

You’re not just focused on making money you also focus on greater impact and meaning.

Conventional business is generally for, and believed to be, all about making money and increasing the bottom line, with no regard for the people you work with or much else.

This is becoming a dinosaur and will be obsolete in time and it’s already begun. Unconventional will start to become conventional and when that happens the majority of businesses will become a force for good.

In order for this to happen, the leaders running these organisations must develop empathy for themselves and their teams. You can tell how wise a leader is by how he treats the supposed people with “meaningless” tasks, for example does he respect the janitor, the waiters, does he or she think they’re above him or her?

Our role as leaders is simply a role, no better or worse than anybody else’s. Every role has its place, doing its part in the greater whole.

When leadership realises that the leader is there to serve the people around him or her, this is when the unconventional takes form.

I’m asking the fellow unconventional business leaders to dive into more unconventional experiences. Spend time in more solitude. Spend time in nature. Spend time with the elders in the jungles. Acknowledge the people around you for their greatness.

I’ve had the privilege of seeing some of the most “successful” business leaders in the world be humbled by nature and her greatest teachers. This came in the form of spending time by a waterfall or with children of an indigenous tribe for hours by the fire.

From these unconventional experiences they developed more empathy for themselves and their true nature and this rippled out to their organisations, their products and their services. Beautiful give back projects were born from these experiences that not only looked after the company, but gave the team something to rally around and supported generations to come.

Let us all who are in positions of being unconventional business owners not be afraid of being unconventional in our thinking, our vulnerability and let the fact that we care be our biggest asset.

To develop this muscle I encourage you to seek out unconventional experiences, so empathy, impact and looking after the next generation can become the conventional in any business practice. Let this become the new norm going forwards and together we can truly change ourselves and the world.

I do not expect us to be perfect, myself included, but all of us can strive for this in our messaging, our approach and our intent with the businesses that we build.

With our businesses we are on the front lines to create change that starts not just with us, but ripples out to the many we touch.

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