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How do I book speaking engagements?

Jeffrey Slayter - January 13, 2020 - 0 comments

This is a common question I’m asked.

Becoming a speaker requires a little preparation. You can’t go out looking for gigs without having the credibility and resources to back you up.


1. Declare yourself as a speaker and a thought leader.
This is worthless unless you are positioned and packaged as one.

2. You must collect photos and videos of you speaking on stages.
If you don’t have any, start with a small event. These photos build momentum to more and more stages.

3. Come up with topics that you want to speak about.
Include descriptions and takeaways the talk offers.

5. Build a media kit.
This includes a bio, photos, testimonials, past places you’ve spoken and 2-3 video examples of you speaking.

6. Go to events.
Meet the organisers and ask them if they’re looking for speakers but don’t ask them until you look the part and have something to offer them.

7. Typically you won’t be paid.
But you’ll have the opportunity to offer your services and they’ll take a cut.

8. Capture video footage and use this for a speaker reel.
Your speaker reel should show a range of big and small audiences and demonstrate audience engagement.

9. Don’t try and start big.
Start small and work your way up and be willing to put in the time.The speaking coaching consulting industry is a long game.

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