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An Open Letter To Those On The Sidelines

Jeffrey Slayter - June 22, 2020 - 0 comments

The sidelines, this is the most detrimental place to watch from.

The sidelines, a place where dreams are trashed, opportunities are squashed and judgment runs rampant.

Hanging in the sidelines will cost you your own expression. It will cost you your voice. It will cost you the satisfaction of being the full expression of yourself.

Well it’s so easy to watch people from the sidelines and cast judgment about what they’re doing or not doing or how they could do it better. You yourself potentially set on the sidelines, no more bench sitters put yourself out there.

It may not be your path to put yourself out there at the level others are but yet is your path to challenge yourself. To challenge your self to be yourself and if that includes putting yourself out there, this is the time.

No longer casting judgment on those that are when really what’s going on is you’re afraid to put yourself out there yourself. So perhaps it’s time to find a voice, to share your message. Be somebody, be yourself.

Take care,





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