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An Open Letter To All Overachievers

Jeffrey Slayter - May 25, 2020 - 0 comments

Congratulations you’ve been blinded by the biggest game in the world called success.

It’s something that’s been fed to you since you were born. That when you get the house, when you get the car, when you get the money that you’ll be somewhere other than where you actually are.

And you’ve always been there, the only thing is, is that you believed that it was real. That when you achieve this sense of, this sense of goal, that you would be different than when you actually are.

The only thing that’s changed is your relationship to yourself. And the funny thing is, that you could have had this many many years ago without the sense of manic achievement and drive that got you here.

Yet you’ve given yourself the biggest gift ever, the gift of knowing that it’s all made up. The gift of knowing that you’ve been incredible all along.

And, you can now look at the eyes of others who are driven to succeed and know that they too will find the greatest lesson of their lives which is, they’ve been enough ever since they began their venture, their journey, their business.

Or if you are to sell the small few who, who birth your business or your project from a place of knowing that no matter what you do or how much it fails or how much it accomplishes, you’re the same incredible human being that you’ve been since the beginning.

This is your greatest opportunity, for those of you who have achieved, what you’re looking for, or on the path of achievement, to remember what it is to be a human being, to remember the gift of life itself.

And from this point, from this place of gratitude, create for creation sake itself, with no specific reason that’s coming from fear or doubt. Come from love, come from creation, come from yourself on the deepest roots of yourself so you can discover what you’re really made of.

Beyond the idea that when you do hit success, it’s gonna be different. Come from the place of that when you, that when you do hit success you’ll be the same incredible human being that set out to do this from the beginning of day 1.

So please achieve, achieve, achieve. So you can find yourself discovering who you are beyond achievement.

Take care,





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