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Learn How To Say No And Win

Jeffrey Slayter - May 18, 2020 - 0 comments

If you’re a heart-centred person you need to stop being a pushover.

I know this is difficult and you pride yourself on pleasing everyone. But if you truly want to speak and train with lots of people you can’t do this if you want to make an impact.

No matter how hard you try it’s almost impossible to please everyone, and some people are going to get upset.

Take this story from Jacko the Navy seal. This is a lesson on how to go from zero to hardcore.

Imagine a really nice, gentle, heart-centred dog, and you walk that dog every day. He’s warm and fuzzy and wouldn’t bite anybody. Then one day you pet him in the wrong way and he goes to bite your hand off. You wonder what the hell is wrong with the dog, and it’s not necessarily your fault. It’s just that the dog suddenly developed boundaries.

I’ve seen so many people doing spiritual work go from zero to biting someone’s head of. Their whole community is suddenly wrong and then they do a post saying they’re firing everyone in their life. I‘ve wondered what the hell was wrong with that person because they went from zero to biting heads off.

Then Jacko continues.

He says imagine this dog when you pet him wrong starts out with just a mild “grrrr” as a little warning, then the next time it is “grrrr” with a little more volume, then the next time he shows you teeth plus a growl, then the next time he may not growl or show teeth but he gives you a more intense look.

If you pet him again in the wrong way and he bites you whose fault is it now?
The person who kept poking the dog.

So anyone who wants to speak and train, and facilitate transformation, you better develop your ability to show a little tooth. It’s about surviving in this industry.

I started out with a heart and it is still there, which you see once you get to know me.
But I had to develop this ability to survive the millions of people I had to work with and present to.

My advice to you is develop this now. Show a little tooth without guilt or shame, and never feel guilty for having boundaries. You can’t be observers. You can’t come here to do what you came here to do if you just let everybody in. You have to leverage your time and energy to make the greatest amount of impact possible.

People may get offended but that’s not your problem.


Take care,





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