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How To Deal With Overwhelm?

Jeffrey Slayter - June 1, 2020 - 0 comments

So you’re overwhelmed with all the things you want to do in your life and you’re feeling like it’s not enough.

You might be feeling like you just can’t do enough in a day. Or wondering why you’re experiencing anxiety.

You may have already achieved what you wanted to in your life, yet that’s even more confusing, because you’re thinking at this point things should feel different, yet you’re still sitting they’re saying, “It doesn’t feel any different and I’m still not there”.

This is even more confusing for people who are hustlers, achievers, those who are trying to go after something. They are coming to the experience that anything outside of ourselves is a delusion and a distraction from the work within ourselves.

None of us is perfect. I’m not perfect, I’m continually working on this within myself and so are my clients. What I’ve discovered is that sometimes the hustle, the going after things, is a necessary component in order for us to come to the direct experience that we are and we have everything we need inside of us.

When you truly hit that point within yourself, what begins to happen is you get to come from creative flow again in our life. And you get to find and look at the areas where you actually lose track of time. So if you want to know where to spend your time, it’s in these areas because this is where you become timeless. We as human beings are actually timeless beings in the flow of life.

But we have been programmed to believe that we are separate from each other, separate from nature, separate from ourselves, and when we come back to the original premise of who we are as human beings, we stop.

It is from where you are right now in this moment as you listen to this video, where new beginnings can be created. Every single moment is a new beginning and you are sitting or standing at the opportunity of a new beginning, no matter how much success you have. This is an opportunity to create more impact and an even greater legacy that will reach even one more person.

I was once talking to a friend of mine who was in the inquiry of whether to write a book. And she had a meditation which said that if only one person read this book, then it’s worth writing. So maybe there’s a book inside of you, maybe there’s a new legacy to leave, maybe there’s a new path for you to discover within yourself.

We are explorers and it’s actually our job to explore the outside world but also the internal world, so don’t let your quest to explore the outside world become a distraction from exploring your inner world. When we explore our inner world, we naturally know where to go in the outside world and we follow our instinct, our intuition. So potentially remove all the noise in your life and return to your intuition. As your intuition begins to guide you, you start to listen.

Sometimes it’s been said that we think we’re thinking, but actually we’re listening. So as you begin to listen to yourself, you begin to follow the breadcrumbs that your soul already laid out for you. As you follow those breadcrumbs, you’ll discover more of who you are on your soul’s journey and then you’ll meet amazing people along the way who are there to support you.

Even the people who are supposedly challenging will become your greatest gifts and your greatest opportunities, those moments when you are able to revel in the achievement then go past that and be grateful. Inside of that gratitude is where the next chapter is born, if you no longer want to become a character in someone else’s book. If you don’t want to be part of the culture, mainstream society’s idea of success, then it’s time to become the author of your own book.

Somebody once asked me what book I would want to read if I was alone on an island, and I had no answer. Although there are incredible books out there and I’m so grateful for all the teachers and the lessons, the book would have to be blank. A blank book with a pen so I could write my own chapters and I would write from my heart.

I’d do my best to go back to what matters to me, like I said, where I lose track of time to articulate word-for-word how I want my life to go. Because it really is a co-creation, a co-creation between myself and the world to bring in something new.

I’ve said before it’s like we’re all notes in the universal song, so what’s your note wherever you are at this inflection point in your life? Maybe you’ve already achieved a certain level of recognition and now you don’t want to do it for recognition anymore. You want to do it from a place of giving and sharing, not from fear but from opportunity and expression.

Let this be that moment for you to stand in this new beginning, this new opportunity. Pull the pen out of your pocket and begin to write your books, your chapters, your life in just the way that you want to write it.

As you begin to do this more and more, you’ll find that people will either gravitate towards you or away from you. They’ll be in alignment or they won’t be, and sometimes on this trend, you’ll start to lose friends, or partners, but are they really lost?

What will start to flower from the ashes will be seedlings, new beginnings, new growth. At first, sometimes things in your life have to burn down in order to discover who you are beyond the fire. This is because we are the fire, and our hearts hold the fire. As we burn down everything that’s not true to ourselves, we step into our real version, the one that our true nature is aligned with, not the programming, not the delusion, but the actual version of us that truly knows how to bring joy, fulfillment, and love to our life.

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