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Why I Paid $400 For a Simple Backpack And Was Happy I Did it

Jeffrey Slayter - October 21, 2019 - 0 comments

Some people, myself included, find themselves in the challenge of knowing they need to invest a little more money in something they want because it is better quality and in the long run will last longer.

This is why I paid $400 for a backpack. My first thought was that it was a lot of money to pay for a backpack until I realised that it was going to last me a long time and support me in keeping the things inside of it really safe.

So, this is what a $400 backpack gets you. I like Patagonia because they care about the environment and the founder is awesome, but more importantly the entire backpack is completely waterproof. It withstands any storm and conditions, keeping whatever is in it completely dry.

I could swim in the Amazon River with it and the contents would not get wet and it can actually also be a flotation device. Now why do I need this? Sometimes we are told that we don’t need certain things, but I know that the contents of what I have in that backpack are worth more to me than $400 so it’s important to know that anything I put in there will not get wet.

I could have gone cheap but I chose not to because I know it’ll last me for years. So, what I’m basically saying is that sometimes it’s really important to go all in and invest fully in a good quality piece of equipment, or whatever it is you’re investing in, than buying cheap.

I remember when I was young, buying a cheap car stereo because I couldn’t afford the one I really wanted, and in the end I regretted it because I ended up spending too much on a cheap one. When I actually realised that it wasn’t going to give me what I wanted, I bought the more expensive one which ultimately ended up costing me more.

So there are things in your life that I find are really worthwhile investing in. This backpack is a prime example, in fact I probably would have paid more because I knew it would keep my stuff completely dry in the worst of conditions, so I’m really grateful that I invested that kind of money.

I’m grateful to Patagonia for creating such an incredible backpack. It was highly recommended to me when I was in Costa Rica by a friend of mine and it was so good that I became a raving fan. So sometimes it’s really important if you’re creating a product for people that you don’t go cheap either. Create something that people really want and will last them a long time.

This share is something to support you when you’re making your next decision or when you’re about to invest in something. Always go for quality and longevity even if you have to be patient and wait a little longer to get it. In the end you’ll be much more grateful and happier for it. You deserve to have quality things around you and quality people so you can live the ultimate most remarkable quality of life.

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