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What Is The Best Way To Create Rapport And Engagement When Speaking?

Jeffrey Slayter - August 2, 2020 - 0 comments

Speaking in front of rooms and on stages is an art form.

I’m going to share 6 techniques you can use to help you
Engage the audience
Give you a feeling of confidence
Gain trust from the people

1. Generally rapport is built before you get on the stage.
Were you present in the room before the talk began?
Getting a sense of what’s talked about before you get on stage is useful.

2. Be introduced by an MC.
Give them 5 credibility points about you for them to use in their introduction.

3. When you first get on stage do these things…
Stand in the middle
Plant your feet for 3 seconds
Make eye contact with 1 individual in the audience
And then begin.

This gives plenty of space to be seen and for you to see them.

4. Before going into your story about yourself ask for permission…
“Is it OK with you if I share a little bit about myself while I teach you about ……”

5. When telling your stories, show variation in tone and
behavioural flexibility ranging from intensity to softness.
This builds rapport with all parts of the audience.

6. Show range in your movements by walking around.
Don’t stand in one spot. Walk around amongst the audience
as it makes them feel more connected.

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