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So, You Want To Share A Message To The World

Jeffrey Slayter - July 6, 2020 - 0 comments

After speaking to over a million people all over the world, I’ve discovered that speaking and sharing a message is a bit like learning to play an instrument.

You keep refining and refining your message to the point where it feels most congruent for you to share and the more refined it gets the more congruent it gets, the more polarity it creates on the outside world. Either people love it or hate it.

As the instrument starts to get more and more fine-tuned, it creates ripples of people taking inspired action or not taking action at all. This is good. This is what comes after years and years of finding your message. You find out who you’re here to work with and who you’re not and sooner or later more and more people as you refine your instrument, start to either like you or not like you. They have their opinions, they have their ideas about what you should and shouldn’t say, and the more refined you become the more polarizing you can become as well.

This comes with the territory, so if you’d like to share a message with the world, be sure to know that with that choice comes a decision and the choice to develop courage. The courage to discover your voice in the face of so many different opinions and ideas about what should and shouldn’t be said.

It is our birthright to share our opinions, our ideas yet it is also our birthright to take them on or not take them on. We are here to not just share a message but to become the message itself. And so, for the messengers out there, I encourage you to share your message with the world in such a way that you don’t fear the opinions of others because the opinions of others are not your responsibility. Your responsibility is to share a message that’s true for you.

We’re all like snowflakes in this world made of the same substance yet each different pattern and as you share your message, you share your pattern with the world. There are no two snowflakes alike. And if the world was filled with similar snowflakes it would be a pretty boring world. So, thank you to the messengers out there. Thank you to the courage and please keep sharing your message with the world.

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