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How To Save Time In Content Creation

Jeffrey Slayter - July 21, 2021 - 0 comments

No matter if you’re in an online or bricks and mortar business, the best way to come up with new content is to ask your clients what they want to know.


At every event I ask the audience, the people who’ve paid me money, to write down their top 10 biggest questions, which is what they’re thinking about, then the answers to those questions
will become the content of my videos.


Why would you try to guess what your paying clients want instead of just asking them what their biggest questions are?


My takeaway here is:

Come up with 7 of your clients’ biggest questions about where their attention is right now
Type these into a document
When you need content ideas, answer them in the videos you create.


This is a way of leveraging time.


Take care,

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