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How to Change Your Beliefs

Jeffrey Slayter - December 21, 2020 - 0 comments

The only thing stopping us from achieving anything is that we believe there’s something standing in our way.

…Whether it’s playing the roles we have to play
…Whether it’s this or that spiritual belief
…Whether it’s technology

Just choose to believe something else. It’s that simple.

Whatever you believe becomes your reality. If you don’t choose to believe something different, whatever belief you have will become your block. However, don’t try and get rid of it because that creates internal resistance.

Believe it is possible.
Believe you can.
Believe you have.

David Wilcock talks about the 10 declarations of the soul:

1. We are all light beings.
2. You are an eternal being of love and consciousness.
3. Your soul is incapable of being a victim. We have total responsibility.
4. Death is an illusion, your soul is impotent and so is your potential.
5. You have the power to heal yourself.
6. You’re not alone on this journey and you can always call upon your spirit guides.
7. Separation is delusion.
8. All souls are capable of accessing information from source.
9. Integrating your shadow side is necessary for ascension.
10. You have the power to consciously create a new reality.

These are all up to us and are literally our rights. Are you exercising your rights with yourself?

Now more than ever as this great awakening occurs, is our greatest opportunity to face ourselves, by callousing our minds and our hearts to develop more courage and not be worried about dismissing our fears.


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