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How Do You Spend Money?

Jeffrey Slayter - May 24, 2021 - 0 comments

Most people are programmed to believe that to make a lot of money you need to work long hours, not be polarising, don’t ask for what you want.

Many people don’t charge enough because it isn’t the “spiritual” thing to do.


When the government offered people $10K of their super what happened? Suddenly money came easily to them. What about people who are good at trading currencies? They make $100K in 24 hours, the same amount as someone who’s worked hard for a year. 


There’s a very different relationship between those who made it in 24 hours and those who worked for a year to get it.


Look at women who buy in sales. They think that buying things on sale will give them more money. And men will spend when they feel they’ve worked hard enough to deserve it. Yet this is how they spend money they don’t have.


The unconscious beliefs of those who make a lot of money with no effort are they don’t deserve it so they need to get rid of it. Under the mask of “I’m going to use this to grow myself and become more abundant” they find a perfect way to spend it.


The way they’re growing themselves is generally bypassing. They have no accountability, no sense of reality is happening and economically they are prolonging the inevitable.


You may have seen this with clients who aren’t grounded in reality. They choose coaches they think aren’t smart enough to see this shadow. After a few months they may have some skills in meditation, they may even feel better about themselves, but the reality is they will run out of money and not break the pattern.


Breaking that pattern requires serious accountability. The way I know when someone is really prepared to change is when all their books are in order.


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