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Back Yourself

Jeffrey Slayter - December 22, 2019 - 0 comments

This is a time to back ourselves.

Most people think that backing their selves is about being more confident, speaking louder.

But actually backing yourself is becoming quieter more clear, removing the distractions.

To back yourself means the whole world could be against you. But you wouldn’t go against your own soul. According to Dr. DeMartini, a beautiful quote by him.

This is the time to reach inside of ourselves, pass the programming, pass what we should do and to back ourselves by becoming ourselves.

As we’ve become ourselves, we are no longer an apology, an apology to exist, an apology that is being carried forth and passed on generationally after generation.

We are no longer walking apologies. We are a gift and each of us is a gift.

And if we all express our unique gifts and talents, we will have backed ourselves. But not only that we will back each other.

So by each of us having the opportunity to back ourselves, we are actually working not just for ourselves but for others.

It is our responsibility to find the gift within ourselves. And that is the true way to back ourselves.

So please back yourself by discovering who you are not.

Take care,





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