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Move From Hustler To Leader

Jeffrey Slayter - December 7, 2020 - 0 comments

We have built a toxic relationship with hustling in this country.

This relationship of being the underdog, working hard and suffering we continue to maintain just because it’s familiar.

Yet this doesn’t mean we have to stay in it.

When we start to go out of that familiar territory what happens is we start to feel like we’re not in rapport anymore and that’s why we sabotage it. We go back to the familiar and start more fires. 

When we have the options of changing or staying the same the brain will choose the path of the familiar because it’s less of a threat even though it’s painful. This is why men and women stay in toxic relations for too long. Because it’s familiar.

We are in a toxic relationship right now with the modern program that’s running the world because we’re afraid to move past it.

We need to become accountable and stand up as leaders.


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