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Consistency is Key

Jeffrey Slayter - August 17, 2020 - 0 comments

You’ve had people tell you to be consistent….

The only thing you might be consistent at is being inconsistent.
This is not something to be consistent at.

You must acknowledge yourself for being consistent at something.
But now it’s time for an upgrade.
It’s time to be consistent with the things that get results.

Kate and I talk about being “top of funnel” in your business.
You want to be consistent with top of funnel activities
in order to generate revenue and impact.

Top of funnel activities consist of the following:

Facebook Lives
Making offers from stage
Being on podcasts
Being on webinars
Creating joint ventures
Anywhere you’re seen and making offers for
greater impact and revenue.

The more you focus on these activities,
the more reach and attention you’ll command
and the more influence your message will have on the world.

Stop being consistent at things that aren’t your highest leverage point!

Take care,





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