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An Open Letter to the Hustlers

Jeffrey Slayter - September 16, 2019 - 0 comments

I was a hustler in my business, in my life, trying to make things happen all the time.

Mostly driven by fear, fear of not being enough. Fear of not liking what was in front of me. Fear of I’m not being significant enough. Fear of not being seen.

That’s the challenge with being a hustler. You’re always running away from something. But this was necessary in its step to finally get so tired, exhausted, run out; couldn’t do it anymore, couldn’t hustle.

I actually felt like I was losing the game, but I realised I was being played by the game the whole time.

A game I didn’t create a game that was invented by programming that I wasn’t enough as a person. What I was doing wasn’t enough and who I was wasn’t enough. When I finally stopped playing the game, I started to create, move from hustling to creation and from creation we are no longer driven by fear.

We’re driven by opportunity. From creation we’re driven by impact, not about being seen or driven by, by wisdom versus knowledge.

Sure, there’s a point to be seen in order to do what you’re going to do. Yet you do it as a tool, not as a need and a need for significance.

I acknowledge the hustlers in all of us for this is a necessary step to move to a creator. And as people who create, our job is to no longer look at what separates us as people; just look at what unifies us and what unifies us is, is our need and desire to create for creation’s sake. And when we are coming from that place, we aren’t coming from fear. We’re coming from opportunity.

This is your opportunity, our opportunity to stop hustling and start creating, to stop living in fear and start loving.

Your life is a gift. You are a gift. It’s time to become the gift and share your gifts with the world. Not because you have to, because it’s what there is to do.

Hustling is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Take care,





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