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An Open Letter from a Son to a Father

Jeffrey Slayter - August 26, 2019 - 0 comments

It’s a mystery to me as your son that at some miraculous point, I don’t remember when, it hit me how grateful I am to have you as my father.

As I reflect back, I’m in awe of all the many ways you said “I love you” without saying “I love you”. I know as men sometimes it can be challenging to express ourselves with words, yet you expressed yourself with actions and many times I misinterpreted these actions, yet now in my life I see and feel their original intent.

Every time you went to work you said I love you by providing.

Every time you travelled overseas you said I love you by working hard to make ends meet for us to have a future as a family.

Every time you straightened the picture frames on the wall that I crookedly put up you said I love you by making things straight.

This list could go on and on.

Yet there is one way that seems to really stand out at this point in my life. You will always remain my father yet you are now my comrade, my brother and my friend.

It is clear to me that all you want for me is what’s for my highest good. You share your wisdom, your mistakes and your enthusiasm for my life, and that I know is rare and it is a gem I will cherish from now until eternity.

I know like any good father that you probably questioned whether you were good enough as a dad. You wouldn’t question it if you weren’t extraordinary. If there is ever a time to stop questioning it is now, for after having spoken in 13 different countries to millions of people I’ve gained the perspective of how unique you are as a father.

You are a great father, so much so I would call you a model citizen (father). Let this truest expression as a dad and a brotherhood/father/son relationship be a model for other fathers and sons to have the same. With this reflection the resentment and the anger that sons harbor towards their fathers can finally be laid to rest. And the sons out there can feel the support of their fathers again.

I am aware that there are fathers out there who are monsters and this breaks my heart, for they’re missing out on the greatest bond a father/son could ever have.

Thank you dad for all the times you attended those “different” transformational courses with me, including my own, and even crawled into sweat lodges just to hang out with your son and have one more weird experience.

We’ve got a lot of experiences ahead of us and the experience that I most look forward to is giving you one more hug and saying thank you.

Take care,




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