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Dear Reader,

I want you and millions of other people to realise that life can be lived by your own design, not what others push onto you. My intention is to ignite people to really see the potential in their lives and their businesses.

Here you will find some tangible and intangible, proven and ‘yet to be’ proven tools to get you there. These will be enclosed in fresh forms of thought leadership, human potential, and business psychology.

The Next Wave of Human Potential & Business Psychology

Whether they are my educational podcasts, YouTube channel, Twitter feeds, bonus e-books free of charge, products, services or events I run, I really invite you to explore what’s possible to uncover more of the gifts you already have.

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance”

- Alan Watts

“To me, business isn’t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials.”

- Richard Branson

After years of on-the-court business experience (this includes mistakes and huge wins) and learning in the space of business psychology and human potential, I have come to unite alternate philosophies with business principles to deliver systems to help individuals like you, and businesses do what they are here to do in the world, with mastery.

Living this path, has given the opportunity to train and learn from over 3 million people (both online and offline) in over 12 different countries. As a self-made millionaire before age of 30, I have spoken on stage alongside some of the most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, change makers and executive coaches. Some include; Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Brian Tracy (world renown motivational speaker and author), John Gray (best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), Les Brown (internationally rated the top motivational speaker), Bob Proctor (star from the movie The Secret), Dr. Demartini (star from the movie The Secret), Frank Kern(the highest paid direct response internet marketer in the world), T Harv Eker (best-selling author of The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind and many more.

Running a successful multimillion-dollar corporate training company, I have personally consulted Fortune 500 companies, and grew up in heart of Silicon Valley, the birthplace of some of the biggest technology companies in the world (e.g. Google, Apple, Yahoo, and eBay).

In my spare time, you might find me enthusiastically delving into eastern philosophies, meditation, alternate holistic practices, sufipoetry, surfing (borderline healthy addiction), eating “healthy stuff”, playing with my crazy dogs (Buster and Turbo), spending time with family and friends, attempting to write books and just generally enjoying letting life in.

Yours truly,

Jeffrey Slayter

Jeffrey Slayter

Frank Kern, highest paid internet marketer in the world.

"I can’t personally say enough good things about these guys, I think you should pay close attention to what they say-it’ll change your life!”

Bob Proctor, star of The Secret and Life Success Coach

"The work Jeff and Kane do is 'Classic' if you can get an opportunity to work with them – pick it up fast!"

Christine Comaford, CEO of Mighty Ventures.

“Jeff and Kane are the REAL DEAL. They are experts at getting business transformation in record time with sustainable results.”

Dr. John Demartini, from the film ”The Secret”

”Jeff & Kane will help you with an open heart and they’ll also help inspire you. I know when I see someone who is going to make a difference and Jeff & Kane are definitely making a difference.”

Les Brown, world leading motivational speaker

“If you are looking to transform your life and to live your dreams I highly recommend Jeff & Kane! They will give you methods and techniques to reinvent yourself and your business!”

Stuart D’Arcy, world-renowned surfboard shaper of D’Arcy surfboards

“Jeff and Kane are the nicest guys and will show you how you can turn your passions into money and maybe even a full time business…!!!”

I have put together some free and paid resources to support growing yourself and your business that I have found useful and others as well. Enjoy!


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