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When Spirituality Dissolves

Jeffrey Slayter - October 29, 2019 - 0 comments

Most people embrace spirituality when going through an awakening process, because it’s the first step towards learning our truth.

Eventually there is a realisation that we don’t need it anymore. Then what happens when spirituality dissolves is we find beauty. We come back home to ourselves.

I know for myself and many others, the spiritual path is a path until it no longer becomes a path in itself as it leads nowhere. This is the beautiful path of spirituality that gets you back to the path of no path. And once you’re on the path of no path, the unknown reveals itself to you.

Inside of that unknown is where you remove all ideology, all preconceived notions of what you are. You go past identity coherence and move into a place of peace within yourself, and from that peace within yourself, the universe, your self and your true expression begin to unfold. It is here in this true expression of who you are, every moment allows creativity to unfold and you discover what you’re supposed to do next, then what you’re supposed to say next comes forth.

It comes from moving, from pushing to listening, and when we listen to ourselves beyond spirituality, we hear our own voice, our own soul’s voice that has known all along what we are now just discovering, then everything becomes clear. Dr. John Demartini expressed beautifully “I’d rather have the whole world against me than my own soul” because your own truth is the only thing that matters.

When our soul starts to speak then we don’t just speak with our words, we speak with our actions and who we really are as human beings. Who we are as human beings beyond spirituality, is beyond ideology, beyond preconceived notions, beyond any term that is comprehend-able. We are simply who we are.

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