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4-day event hosted by Jeffrey Slayter

Who This Is For…

The Quantum Business Escape is for Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Coaches, Business Professionals, or anybody who wants to be their own boss one day. If that is you, then the Quantum Business Escape is an opportunity for you work on your business rather than just being in your business.

Why Quantum?

The word Quantum was chosen because it is the fundamental building-blocks for understanding, describing and working with natural laws at the most subtle level known to mankind.

The Quantum Business Escape, is the next level of doing business, and represents Jeffrey Slayter’s breakthrough approach to doing business, where you get to enjoy what you do in a place that you enjoy.

What You Will Learn

Day # 1 – Business Design And Development (half day of Training)

During Day 1 of the Quantum Business Escape, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Design the lifestyle you want, and build the business to support it
  • Define your business and life purpose for the world
  • Brainstorm new business ideas that you can take to market
  • Get a serious boost with the implementation of new business ideas (following through with action is the hardest part of achieving goals!)
  • Craft your products/services profitably, and in a way that establishes credibility in the market place, and positions you as the source and authority in specific markets
  • Identify your ideal client for your products and services
  • Define and Attract more of your ideal customers and clients

Day # 2 – Business Skills for the New Age

During Day 2 of the Quantum Business Escape, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Understand what causes you and other people to take action, and identify what may be holding you back from success
  • Remove personal and business obstacles that are in the way of you generating the wealth you want
  • Install the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Clearly design and organize specific marketing plans for your business that attracts the right clients
  • Freshen up on your Sales Skills for today’s market
  • Sharpen your Negotiation Skills for today’s market
  • Influence effectively and ethically.
  • Establish credibility within your market, as an expert and authority on your subject matter, so you become a highly paid go-to person in your industry.
  • Adopt the most cutting edge social media strategies available for your business

And as a bonus, you will get access to a wealth of knowledge, lessons, experience, insights, and the latest discoveries of what works in marketing today.

Day # 3 – Scaling Your Business Offering

During Day 3 of the Quantum Business Escape, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Effectively Use the 6 revenue streams required to scale your business offering within the market (Speaking Engagements, Seminars, Consulting, Coaching, Authoring, and Internet Marketing).
  • Develop automated paths to monetisation for your products or services, so you can earn money in a hands-off way.
  • Design and implement online marketing drip systems that are aligned with your paths to monetisation (winning infrastructure)
  • Apply product/service packaging and positioning principles to maximize both top-line and bottom-line business revenue.
  • Establish Strategic Joint Venture Opportunities to leverage the expertise and client bases of other business networks, to scale your profits and impact.

Day # 4 – Steering Your Business

During Day 4 of the Quantum Business Escape, you will:

  • Establish the customer/client relationship strategies required to develop and retain a large repeat customer base, so you can secure your future revenue streams (bankable)
  • Gain Insight into where to best spend your time in your business, and what business activities are truly wasting your time, effort and energy.
  • Save Yourself years of wasted trial and error with time-saving road maps, so you can get ahead of your competition, and stay ahead.
  • Check-In on all the actions you are taking now in business to ensure you are staying on the fast-track.
  • Access Deep ‘Inside’ Information on the essentials of running a successful business operation based on infrastructure, technology (things like websites, split testing, tracking…), profitable outsourcing, and almost everything else you need to know (that most overlook!) as a business owner or entrepreneur in today’s market.

But most importantly, you get to finally belong to a global (Australia, Asia, US and Europe) group of trusted business professionals from all niches, who also share your passion for growing as fast as possible in business, to support the lifestyles that they want.

Typical Results

To get a feel for what sort of business and life results you might get after training with Jeffrey Slayter, click here.

Price: $9,997 AUD

Location and Dates

  • Location: Bali, Indonesia (Denpassar Airport)
  • Dates: TBA
  • Bonus: Special Guest Speaker – Craig Slayter

Craig Slayter

Craig Slayter has over 30 years experience as a Silicon Valley start-up entrepreneur, CEO, Founder, General Manager and M&A executive. The first company he founded as a 31 year-old CEO was SoftStyle, an embedded software company, which he sold five years later to Phoenix Technologies, where he participated in taking that company public. He also co-founded oDesk, the world’s largest online freelance marketplace, where he was their first CEO.

After becoming a founding Board Member of Intacct, he later served as VP of Sales to build their sales channels for cloud-based ERP software. As CEO of RealChip, a semiconductor start-up company, he was responsible for successfully delivering leading-edge communication chips to three of the world’s largest internet infrastructure companies.

In total, he has raised over $50 million in VC funding for these start-up companies. His international business experience includes managing remote engineering teams in India, Russia, and the UK, as well as building and managing a worldwide sales organization of over 300 people, where he started by personally opening offices in Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. He is now VP of corporate development responsible for mergers and acquisitions at Rambus, a public company that is a technology leader in high performance semiconductor solutions. Prior to founding his first company, he was a management consultant serving as a principal at Grant Thornton and a manager at Accenture. Mr. Slayter holds both bachelors and masters degrees in engineering from the University of Michigan.








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Phone: +61 (02) 8003 5747


Client Feedback

Martha, NSW

Unlike any other events I’ve attended, Jeffrey’s Quantum Business Escape has provided me with an eye opening experience into business and life. I am now empowered than I’ve ever been before. I highly recommend it for any business owners who’s looking to grow their business from a heart centered space.”

Miroslav Petrovic, VIC

One of the most amazing experiences of my life – the way Jeffrey teaches is beyond logic-there is no need to ‘learn’ and ‘remember’ – I walked away having the integrated wisdom of how to apply this workshop to the rest of my life – effortlessly!”

Kristy Reynolds, NSW

I attended the Quantum Business Escape in Bali July 2014 The event was great for the mind, body & spirit in a fantastic retreat. This event teaches you how to build a business doing what you love while being in an awesome location Bali. You Should Be Here.”

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