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The Pursuit of Ecstasy

Jeffrey Slayter - November 4, 2019 - 0 comments

The pursuit of ecstasy is a pursuit that leads us back to ourselves and our ecstatic nature.

It represents the gift of being alive and moves us into fulfillment beyond the state of ecstasy.

Fulfillment is the container for ecstasy however actively pursuing it is futile because we are already ecstatic. As we bathe in this ecstatic state, this is when we reach fulfillment. At this point we share with others, not because we really want to share but just because we are it, and from this place of fulfillment our true expression is born. Inside this true expression our old identity perishes and we move into ecstasy.

The pursuit of ecstasy was never really a pursuit in the first place. There is no pursuit of ecstasy because we are already ecstasy and we are just experiencing a remembrance.

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