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Redesign The Game of Coaching and Consulting – today!


Jeffrey Slayter’s The Path of Alchemy is a program for coaches and consultants who want to learn how to quickly and effectively earn 6 or 7-figure income, and really supercharge the impact they have on their clients’ lives and businesses today.

Doing this program gives you experiential and tactical access to the most advanced forms of human change work as they apply to both business and life transformation.

->Stellar Profits.Broader Impact.Deeper Change.Mind Opening. Fun.<-

More importantly
– Jeffrey Slayter has united alternate philosophies with business principles to deliver systems to help individuals like you, and businesses, do what they are here to do in the world, with mastery.

Finally, an opportunity to really put the heart back into doing business, so businesses can be a better vehicle for humanitarian change.

Why Become A Next Generation Coach or Consultant?

Coaches and Consultants trained by Jeffrey Slayter(and other guest facilitators), are individuals who are proficient in the application of the most advanced human change work as it applies to life and business transformation.

What makes it so different? As a trained Quantum Facilitator, you will be able to:

Build a 6 to 7-Figure Coaching and/or Consulting Business by learning, applying and integrating the principles that interface both the business and esoteric worlds.

Supercharge Your Existing Coaching and Consulting Skills with a framework that works seamlessly with anything you have used to date (that’s right – a great addition to your existing toolkit).

Enjoyably Learn, Apply and Internalize the knowledge and tools you gain simultaneously, so you walk out of the program ready to confidently transform other peoples’ lives.

Experience Personal Life Transformation in all areas of your own life including; vocation, relationships, health and community.

Here’s the thing – You don’t just walk out with the tools and knowledge. You walk out remembering the tools, knowledge and experience you already have but just forgot!

Sounds crazy I know.

But sometimes crazy is what gets great results 🙂

Just Hear What Some Coaches and Consultants Have Had to Say…

“Jeffrey is daring enough to say what most thought leaders’ fear to share. And when he does, your business transforms, your relationships improve, and you get more aligned with bringing your passion of being an agent for transformation in other peoples’ lives. I do less and earn more. So if you want to learn to be a high impact, and highly paid coach or consultant…do this course. Nothing else is alike.”
Jon Low(Copywriter, Author, Philosopher, Coach)

Key Benefits to Your Clients

  •      Sustainably Create the Space for Transformation to happen in your clients’ lives, both locally and non-locally.
  •      Rapidly Grow all facets of their business; innovation, profitability, and social impact.
  •      Clarify their Purpose, goals and objectives for both their personal and commercial lives.
  •      Enhance their Vitality, enthusiasm and energetic focus in life.
  •      Resolve Conflicts they have in their lives; emotionally, physically, relationally, vocationally and financially.
  •      Create and Imprint Empowering Relationship dynamics with themselves, friends, partners, families and the community.

Who it is for

Typically, the coaches and consultants that best suit this program demonstrate the following qualities:

✔ Already Understand the Basic Coaching Frameworks and NLP, and want to take things to the next level.
✔ Are Already Coaching and/or Consulting and want to retain their clients and raise their price-points.
✔ Swim Between the esoteric and business worlds
✔ Curious and Fun to be around with thanks to an ongoing hunger for exploration and adventure into the unseen domains of the human construct.
✔ They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously and enjoy the novelty of being human on a seemingly crazy planet.
✔ Enjoy Deep Discussion that feels light but not heavy.
✔ Heart Abiding Individuals who lead with the heart, follow with the head, and want to deepen their appreciation for being human.
✔ Appreciate Wisdom and the ongoing journey of reaching out to life for infinite learnings.
✔ Courageous by Nature to go to their darkest shadows and resolve old fears or blockages that are not only holding them back in life, but their clients’ too.

And – If you are just starting out, this can work for you too. As long as you are willing to rapidly stretch your mind.

What You Will Get

  • 3 x 4 Day Live In-person Sessions in Byron Bay, NSW
  • 1 x 4 Day Evolve Your Life live in Byron Bay, NSW
  • Tangible proven exercises and guide-sheets to use with your clients.
  • In-house Group Learning and Development Sessions
  • Online Development and support forum

What You Will Learn

Here is just some of what you can expect to learn over the entire course…

  • Developing awareness of what drives the way you think, understand, and act in your life.
  • Understand the nature of your belief systems and how they affect your life, and the life of others.
  • Learn how to create and install new empowering beliefs to help you succeed more in life.
  • Understand what the Quantum Field is and the new definition of multiple realities.
  • Understanding the practical implications of operating from a Quantum world view, in comparison to your current frame of the world.
  • Learn the most advanced form of selling using silence and the Quantum Field
  • Raising your Price points in the market
  • Understanding the power of your mind, and how consciousness can be used to direct the Quantum Field to deliver better results in your life, and the life of others.
  • Introduction to the 4 Energetic Parts that make you; Mind, Body, Subconscious and the Higher Self (Soul).
  • Developing your unique set of quantum habits, rituals and procedures to support the lifestyle and business you want.
  • How to align the four energetic parts of which we are (synchronicity) to maximise impact in all areas of life.
  • Fine-tune your own quantum skills, maintain your own mental focus and sustain your energy levels so that you confidently succeed from one life venture to the next.
  • Controlling the Frame of a board room and getting the outcome you want.
  • Selling and Negotiating in high pressure situations
  • Negotiating Large Contracts of over a million dollars (large deals)
  • Learning about the Field and Accessing it to cause transformation for your client’s lives and businesses
  • Create and Be in a Space for transformation to occur for your clients’ lives.
  • Learn how to trust you inner instincts (intuition) so you have access to a genius guide that works for you, 24/7.
  • Understand the laws and power of the subconscious mind, and how to re-pattern it to support the lifestyle you want.
  • Using Intention for to Guide Effective Communication and Action
  • The Universe as a Self-Reflective Mirror and why it gives you access to quickly and deeply understand your client’s current experience of life.
  • Access the Limitless Power of Your Imagination as a way to cause shifts and transformations in your client(s) lives.
  • Appreciate and Apply Paradoxes as they apply to creating useful shifts for your client’s lives and businesses.
  • How to Build Rapid Rapport with Your Clients So You Can Maximise Your Impact with Less Time, and Earn More Money.
  • Increasing Retention of clients and becoming irreplaceable to them.
  • Quantum Levels of Rapport to build and sustain trust with your clients and to connect with the unseen aspects of their reality.
  • Use Quantum Field to help unlock the potential of the people around you, and transform their realities.
  • Learning the subtler aspects of communication that you don’t even know you don’t even know.
  • Introduction and Integration of the Holographic Principles for Life and Business Transformation
  • Cause Ninja-Change for Your Clients from a Distance without their system even kicking up a fuss.
  • Allow your Imagination to work for you, rather than against you.
  • Work with Paradoxes to empower your creative potential and problem-solving abilities in life.
  • The Subtler Bodily Energies that Can Be Used to Cause Transformation and Healing for Your Clients
  • Applying the Wisdom of the Human Body, and how your body helps you make better decisions in your life.
  • Explore trans-generational, trans-incarnational and trans-systemic levels of healing and change.
  • Confidently create your own unique approaches to transformation by playing with the limitless capacity of the human imagination.
  • Awakening more Deeply to who you truly are, and your new age brand of leadership.
  • Advanced Team Leadership to scale your social impact and your profits.
  • Working with World Leaders and exchanging your value and visions.
  • Gain Fulfillment and financial freedom doing what you love
  • Apply the Quantum Laws to become a thought leader in your industry or area of expertise
  • Mastering the Quantum Field method through commitment to the key disciplines required for personal growth; communication, abundance thinking, harvesting positive moments, self-awareness, self-reflection, and character alignment to purpose.
  • The Push for the Conscious Evolution of Mankind, and how our personal growth as humans assists in this process.
  • Greater emphasis on self transformation as the gateway to supporting the transformation of others.
  • Introduction to working collaboratively with traditional healing and modern Coaching modalities.
  • Unlocking emotional blocks using holographic change patterns.
  • Connection with Mother Earth and how to utilise this connection with your clients – even in corporate situations.
  • Bridging the worlds – coaching and consulting as a way to walk between the spiritual and the business realms to accelerate integration.
  • Modern integration of old traditional healing modalities with todays times – how to bring the wisdom of age-old traditions into the spaces you hold with clients.
  • Speaking the unspeakable – uncovering your own shadows so your clients won’t be able to hide there.

Location and Dates: TBA

Register or Inquire – Contact Jeffrey Slayter’s team

Phone: +61 (02) 8003 5747

Client Feedback

Lynda Petterwood

Jeffrey Slayter’s Coaches and Consultants course paired with the Heart of Sales and Business course have lead to massive growth in my business. I am now serving more people, impacting more lives in an empowering way and made heaps more money. Thanks Jeffrey.”

Miroslav Petrovic

Thank you so much for sharing yourself to all that you have learnt. You have armed me with all the practical tools and confidence I need to encounter any coaching obstacles I come across.”

Pam MacDonald

Thanks to you sharing your tips, tools and own experiences. I found myself more willing to push my own boundaries and have now helped clients to much better and bigger outcomes than I ever could before.”

Amy Radunz

The program has enabled me to jump into my fears, so that I can bring my all to the clients I will be supporting. I have seen actual results from speaking opportunities to gaining clients.”

Marko Petrovic

Hands down the best process of personal growth and building a business around your personal explanations/discoveries.”

Kathleen Casagrande

What’s important is to keep learning no matter what age we are so we can pass to our next generations the humane potential of kindness and Jeffrey is able to communicate this from his heart because he has the awareness and knows how to teach it.”

Tammy Willenberg

Jeff has an incredible way of getting to the heartfelt experiences quickly. Observing his demonstration and how he has chosen to enhance and go beyond the words of the page. I love how he holds the intention for me to know and uncover the answers myself rather than relying on the so called “knowledge” ie. to trust my own intuition I learned so much about myself and my capability.”

Thomas Hoyer

If you are curious about REAL transformational coaching and shifting your world and the world go on a journey with Jeff.
Jeff has gone through a lot and while he can’t do the work for you, he can share his path and point you in the direction of abundance and enlightenment.”

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