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Jeffrey Slayter’s The Heart of Sales and Business is for Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants, Business Professionals, and Business Owners who want to earn more money by sharing their gifts to positively impact more people in the marketplace.

Beyond the techniques and tools out there, selling is no longer just about closing a deal. It is about truly defining a win-win situation, where both parties will be able to fulfill both their personal and business goals. This course connects the dots between transferring your heart-felt gifts, knowledge, products and services in the marketplace, and being paid well for it.

You get permission to be proud of promoting and selling your gifts and talents!

This is really an opportunity to really put the heart back into selling, so businesses can be a better vehicle for humanitarian change.

No matter what area of business you are in, this will enhance your ability to influence results across all facets of your business:

  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Joint Business Ventures

The empowering philosophy driving The Heart of Sales and Business is a beautiful metaphor…

“The Bird Who Is Not Afraid Of A Branch Breaking Because It Knows it Can Count On Its Wings”

Key Benefits

  • Rapidly Grow Your Business; innovation, profitability, and social impact.
  • Earn More Money by making a positive difference in the lives of your client’s, and your own.
  • Increase Your Emotional Intelligence required causing motion in all aspects of a sale.
  • Enhance Your Verbal & Non-Verbal communication skills.
  • Deepen Your Relationship with Sales & Money by exploring who you are in relation to your gifts.
  • Clarify Your Purpose, goals and objectives for both your personal and commercial lives.

Who It Is For

✔ Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants who want to make a difference in peoples’ lives, by learning the art of selling and sharing their gifts.
✔ Business Owners who are responsible for their own bottom line.
✔ Individuals who know that selling is a tool to contribute their gift to the world, and enhance both parties’ experiences through fair exchange.
✔ Individuals who truly get the value of themselves and what they bring to the world, and want an effective sales vehicle they can use to help fulfill their business visions.
✔ Individuals looking to get into business, and realise that the defining step to grow a business is effectively selling your service or product.

This course will also train individuals who want to potentially earn 7 figures as a coach, consultant or trainer.

Who It Is Not For

People only wanting sales techniques, but have no heart-felt desire to use business as a vehicle for making a positive difference
People looking to sell “Get Rich Quick” opportunities or material of the like.
People who have no sense of integrity when it comes to business, and usually employ deceptive practices to bump their bottom-line in a short-sighted manner.
People looking to sell weapons, services of destruction, or causes that directly harm animals.

You Will Learn:

  • Establish and Positioning your product and services in the marketplace.
  • Establishing and Positioning Credibility in the market.
  • Packaging and Designing your product and services for maximum saleability, value and business efficiency.
  • Get Clear on what you are selling so your customers, and more importantly why.
  • Develop Who You Are in relation to your gifts that you are going to be selling others.
  • Get Clear on Your Unique Selling Points that will distinguish you in your market, and help you carve your niche.
  • How to Develop Higher Awareness of your emotional intelligence, because you can have techniques all day long, but emotion creates motion in a sale. And that’s a big part of what has people buy.
  • How to Reach the right decision makers, and confidently accept that your gift is not for everyone.
  • To Remove the Fear about asking for the sale, and confidently entering a cold conversation.
  • How to Build Deep Rapport with your potential clients.
  • Mastery of Non-verbal communication.
  • How to Uncover Your Client’s Deepest Values & Needs through a set of questioning techniques to determine if you are the right match for one another.
  • Selling High Ticket Services and products, and negotiating large contracts.
  • Advanced Methods to handling sales objections and hostile clients.
  • Selling and Negotiating in high pressure situations
  • How to Raise your Price points in the market
  • To Design an Effective Sales Funnel and align it with your business model.
  • To Find Your Authentic Self in repeatable sales processes and procedure.
  • How to be Congruent to your value and what you deliver.


Country: Australia

Price: $2,500 AUD

Location and Dates:

  • Location: Byron Bay, NSW, Australia (Airports can be Ballina, Gold Coast or Brisbane)
  • Date: 18th – 21st February 2017
  • Time: 9:30am – 7pmish

Country: Singapore

Location and Dates:

  • TBD

Register or Inquire – Contact Jeffrey Slayter’s team

Phone: +61 (02) 8003 5747


Client Feedback

Jimmy Elias, First Press Coffee

This has clarified so much for me around human dynamics and how we can best communicate to ensure we can bring our gifts to the world and have our customers inspired to buy our products. The best seminar I have attended and looking forward to many more with Jeffrey.”

Hilary Turner

Awesome training. Selling to raise the consciousness of the planet. That’s why I came.”

Alex Impey

This was an experience that is well worth the investment, especially if you are looking to improve our world through bridging the spirit world and business world. Thanks Jeff. I look forward to further working with you. Bless.”

Jayne Martin

Jeff has an infinity of knowledge and wisdom in both the business/corporate world and the spiritual world and his passion to bridge these worlds is contagious.”

Jessica Bezerra

As a start-up business, Jeffrey’s sales course provided invaluable step-by-step advice to generate leads and close sales to generate value. The practical advice I received was priceless and I recommend the course to any business for tools to increase income. Thank you!”


Jeff’s trainings are such a unique and incredible experience. He goes above and beyond to deliver an event that not only delivers what he promises but so much more. Thank you Jeff, from the bottom of my heart, you have given me hope and faith that I can take my business to the next level!! I am forever grateful.”

Gareth Huynh, Founder of Axiom Global Management & Business Consultant

Jeff Slayter’s Heart of Sales course was empowering and takes you to the depth of your soul to uncover your gift to the world. The training was a safe space to explore, grow, learn and collaborate. I gained so much knowledge which I will be putting into action. Thank you Jeff Slayter & the team for living with integrity & delivering an amazing & transformative event.”

Kim Jewell

I attended the Heart of Sales event and was amazed at the amount of knowledge & fun I gained in the last four days. I feel totally confident in applying everything I learned during the course & the value exceeded what I paid! Thank you!”

Mark Breadner, Director of YogaCoach & the Global Yoga Teacher Challenge

Jeffrey is accomplished across all areas of business packaging, positioning & sales. I believe though that his sales skills are his superpower.”

Belinda Gatt

Thank you Jeffrey! Your kind, genuine heart shows through in all that you do. This course has given me confidence in selling but more importantly, it has given me confidence and belief in myself. A truly unique course!”

Nathalie Vera

Jeffrey have the capacity not only to train people into sales and business but also into sharing a better vision for our world.”

Sarah Schaefer

Working with Jeff has truly inspired me to follow my passion and help others to do so.”

Catterina Tilby

Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales course is a refreshing, daring and new spin on selling – I have never experienced such a wide spectrum of tools and techniques, simultaneously woven with humour, authenticity and heart.”

Jarrod Conroy

This has by far been the most powerful four day transformation phase I have ever been through in my life, I’ve never felt so connected to my human family and am truly grateful for the experience.”

Xiela Dacyon

Work with Jeff every chance you have. There’s nothing like his courses. It is a different experience. Thank you, Jeff.”

Rory King

The course was amazing, it kept me engaged the entire time even though it was sales and really confronted me, pushing me well outside of my comfort zone. I feel way more competent in sales, negotiation and how to sell /package myself. Thanks Jeff!”

Colleen Cheketri

Jeff is the master guru of sales, marketing & business expansion! With the bonus of having a beautiful big heart.”

Liz Buchanan

Attending Jeff’s Sales course has given me the knowledge and confidence to be an effective seller to be able to grow my business. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants the complete business experience.”

Amy Wang

Hi Jeffrey, this is my first sales training course that I attended after 2 years working in finance industry. And I never expect that the training can be so interesting and fun. The most important, thanks for giving us a chance to explore ourselves and have a new start.”

Marko Petrovic

This is no coaching seminar. It’s a mind-blowing experience The way Jeffrey works allowed me to integrate seamlessly, and the learnings from the program. Awesome!!”

Andre Kadamani

Jeff’s Heart of Sales course opened me up to a world of skills, toolsets and insights into the world of sales I had no idea about! I feel more prepared than ever to share my gifts with the world.”


Jeffrey’s style of teaching in my opinion is quite unique. This course kept me captivated for the entire 3 days. Sharing with like-minded people to make an impact on our world is what it’s all about!”

Paula Scott

Thank you Jeffrey. I can’t wait to get home and share what I learned.”

Paradise Paras Yazdani

Almost speechless having been on so many seminars I had never imagined this would be possible – definitely the best seminar / healing course I have ever been on. So much gratitude. Namaste.”

Belinda Taylor (Bella)

This event is incredibly transformational on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Jeffrey has transformed this world through embodying his truth.”

Colin Wanless

This course will truly transform the stigma people feel about selling and allow you to embrace this gift and share it with the world.”

Verity Leach

Great event! Jeff’s combination of entertainment, education, humor chillout time, encouragement, toughness etc was the perfect combination for the beginning of a powerful transformation.”

Ruth Fenby

I would like to thank Jeffrey for an extraordinary event that incorporated so many amazing insights and learnings to help you in all areas of your life. Beautiful to have spirituality incorporated with the vision for creating a beautiful new world.”

Marija Herceg

Jeff thank you for helping in remembering our greatness, our humanness, our freedom. It’s energizing, I feel powerful in actualizing my impact on the world.”

Luke Oldmeadow

If you want to have success in sales, this course is it. Nothing else comes close in terms of what I have experienced so far I learned more in these 3 days than anything else I’ve experienced about sales.”

Niamh Cronin

This is not just a selling course, this is a life changing course, an awakening and an opportunity to remember who you really are. You will leave this course felling empowered, inspired & equipped with the knowledge to take your vision / business into the worked and to the next level. It will challenge you, push you, and may even test you and will take you way outside your comfort zone but it will honestly be the best decision you will ever make :)”

Thomas Hoyer

Jeff is awesome, a highly evolved being that can help you remember who you are. Catch him before it’s too late, he won’t stick around much longer. You are reading this because you are soon at the end of the ride in this theme park.”

Andrew Ballantyne

I have always been in sales and converted quite well but after going through this format and tactics with heart it has made me realise how much money I have left on the table and how much deeper I could go with connection.”

Kia Dowell

The heart of selling is a transformation in how sales can be done but more importantly how we can use the techniques learnt to impact more people in more places quicker. Thank you!”

Deborah White

Jeffrey tells it like it is, no nonsense delivery is refreshing. He showed everyone the positive side to sales and that it’s not as scary as many think it is. He gave us a different perspective along with a treasure chest of tools to use going forward. Thank You :)”

Ming Chan

I consider myself a strong sales person and negotiator however Jeffrey Slayter successfully managed to introduce new techniques and turn traditional ales courses on it’s head.”

Tammy Willenberg
Founder and Director North Five Consulting

This course was really great for challenging me and my thinking about sales and relationship-based sakes. I learned to use my heart more to find questions and answers that were appropriate and created a great fun experience of the sales and negotiation process.”


This was a fantastic event o learn, integrate and practice selling with integrity and purpose. It was a great training filled with deal life application that incorporated looking at the bigger picture.”

Miroslav Petrovic

I love you as much as I love dolphins. Thank you for being yourself Jeffrey.”

Thomas Alkmim

It is very good to see trainings for a better world.”

Alice Hummingbird

For a sales course, I didn’t expect such an incredible, transformational and magical experience. It worked on all levels and for the business world, what a gift! Truly a gift to the world. Thank you.”

Belinda Taylor

Thank-you for a sales and business course fo the soul. I learnt invaulable life skills, whilst simultaneously growing as a person tenfold and consolidating my purpose and passion in life.”

Adam Oldmeadow

Finally! A way in which I can sell to people who’d love my services without having to push energy or claim ridiculous results.”

Paras Yazdani

Jeffrey’s seminars are a bridge between clear training to tangibly improve your business and a space to shift internally to be able to implement the learnings in life and business. He busts open your heart and you’ll never be the same.”

Lynda Petterwood

I am very good at what I do and I needed a vehicle to help me help more people. Jeff’s ‘Heart of Sales and Business’ course has enabled me to do just that. I can now sell – and with heart. Thank you.”

Colin Wanless

This was my second time, and it pushed my buttons through lots of emotions. Content and learning became even deeper for me and I got lots of useful tips and tricks with solid systems which you can implement straight away.”


I had never heard of Jeffrey Slayter, I was asked to attend his course from my workplace. I was the biggest sceptic about other/previous lives, spirituality, energy, meditation etc but it’s only if you truly go in with an open heart that you will see results. Jeffrey has inspired me to become who I am. Thank you.”

Campbell Butterss

Jeffrey is next level when it comes to woo woo and business to have an impact. If you want to be inspired and change your life, give him a chance – and I’m sure he’ll refund your misery.”

Prue Morrison

Jeffrey Slayter is a craftsman. He is the bridge, connecting people to the greater ideals. He is leading the new wave of entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders to help support a more sustainable existence.”

Janice Hoad

The Heart of Selling course is a sales course with a difference. It goes way beyond sales techniques and delves into the deepest recesses of our fears, barriers and limiting beliefs to liberate us into our greatness. It’s very special.”

Kevin Owens

Loved the holistic overview of the sales process. Difficult not to see that personal development impacts the way other people interact with us.”

Tammy Lee Mansfield

To learn skills and train in an environment full of love, inspiration and transformation is priceless – continuously restores my hope for humanity.”

Noah Hunter Dorsey

Jeffrey’s course made me remember that I can, as an entrepreneur create and sustain financial abundance to support my desired lifestyle.”

Marko Petrovic

After attending a second time it was a gift to see that Jeffrey is constantly pushing the fold in content and his love!”

Alexandria Harvey

Jeffrey’s training is truly transformational. It is a new level of training – acknowledging the whole self to allow for real change.”

Kerrie Mercel

If you want to take your business to the next level, do a sales and business course with Jeffrey. If you want to change the way you love, give and inspire, don’t wait another minute and sign up for any of Jeffrey’s courses.”

Katja Morsky

Jeffrey keeps surprising me and pushing my limits. This helps me to move another step closer to becoming the best version of myself. I highly recommend his course. It is priceless.”

Miroslav Petrovic

If you have come this far down the testimonials page to see if this course is for you. It is.”

Colin Robertson

At last there is a person that is living his life his way.”

Jessica O’Meara

If you ever want to learn how to sell from a place of true heart, integrity and compassion, make a huge difference to your life and others by doing this course. Don’t hesitate.”

Matthew Kent

Thanks Jeffrey for allowing a place for me to release from having to be a strong male and letting me feel more.”

Micheal Boston

Jeff has a fantastic way of helping you share your gift to more people in the world by providing effective heart-driven sales techniques.”

Corey Smith

Thank you for the experience. You helped highlight limiting beliefs and provided incredible insight into the sales world.”

Tully Robertson

Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales & Business training helped me get clear on the value I deliver & drastically improved my ability to create sales.”

Nuray Ozden

Not an ordinary sales & business course. If you would like to boost your sales overnight connect with Jeffrey. It is amazing, authentic & teaches with his heart. I would say the best leader/teacher in this field.”

Adrian Anteros

I LOVE JEFF. Supersedes any expectations, feel a torrent of gratitude soooo inspired. Thank you. Gracias Brother!”

Izabella Anteros

Thank you Jeffrey for your infinite gifts of contribution and presence in your events. You’re a stand for powerful communication and results. After 25 years of the personal arena, I feel more empowered to make dramatic change in my life from the heart. Thank you.”

Michael Higgins

Amazing coach who showed us the way to self enhancement. Thank you for helping me find my inner gifts. The biggest gift of all was this course. Much love.”

Sheryl Harvey

Jeffrey has you are an amazing trainer and world bridger – it is truly an honour to be in your presence and energy.”

Maureen Hamilton

I have just attended the Heart of Sales with Jeffrey Slayter and since we use sales in every aspect in our lives even in family situation, I would strongly recommend this course to everyone.”

Helen Moshi

Jeffrey has started me on a journey to own all the experiences and skills I have learnt in my life, to be proud of them and not be afraid to share them with others.”

Terezka Beck

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend Jeff’s Heart of Sales course. As an artist I came in with no knowledge of how to sell my works or even how to get the confidence to charge what would like and deserve. I came away with the ability to value my worth and most importantly the ability to be able to charge what I want and know I can get it. I can’t thank him enough.”

Lyn Wu

Thanks Jeff. Great deliverer. I really feel I have got the value of my money back from the course.”

Diego Ceasius Kakius

I am just feeling we are reconnecting into a different higher level. Hope and looking forward to deeper thrive together again.
Good vibes & hugs Bro.”

Tayler Figgins

Yay! A sales course that has heart and techniques. This felt so right because it considered both business and spirituality.”

Glenn Wiley

Jeff’s course is for those starting out or those who need refreshing in all aspects of life & sales.”

Lynda Petterwood

As expected Jeffrey delivered a top quality training that incorporated learning, demonstrations and practical components masterfully. I feel totally confident that I will be helping make the world a more peaceful place due to my ability to sell my message & skills. Thank you.”

Cynthia Sulc

I had an awesome time and loved the way you trained, Jeffrey. Thank you for your authenticity and the crew has been awesome too.”

Trish Barram-Flynn

If you want to experience a refreshing fun way to learn about selling from your heart and creating a sustainable business brand Jeffrey Slayter is a true master.”

Sue McLachlan

These events are a must for anyone who wants to move forward in business particularly if they are heart-based and spiritually oriented. I cannot give enough acknowledgement praise for my experience.”

David ter Hedde

Jeff thank you once again. You are remarkable! Keep learning… keep going… keep having fun… keep changing lives ☺ Best wishes, gratitude & LOVE.”

Wallace Juní

The life is a journey. A journey to discover who we are. This course shows us what probably is hidden in our subconscious and turn something to our benefit. Give me more light and direction to my journey in this life. Thank you Brother.”

Ross Grida

Jeffrey’s sales training is very forthright and straight to the point. He’s very quick on his feet and his knowledge is valuable for anyone involved in the sales world. The outcome can be life changing if your willing to embrace it.”

Pam Macdonald

Jeffrey you rock. What a wonderful approach to sales that respects both parties and covers process and the people.”

Bryon Ruiz

Jeffrey collaborates his love for humanity with the fear behind selling to deliver a 3-day transformational program.”

Malindi Lovegrove

Jeffrey’s courses have shown me how to get over my money issues and take action to change the world.”

Angela Alcantara

Saved me so much time and effort. All this time I’ve been investing in my business where really I should of invested in myself. I have learnt so much in the last 3 days, knowledge and experience hat I would spend my life searching for.”

Rebecca Prewett

Jeff’s ability to catalyse people in both business and personal realms is an extraordinary gift to humanity. We are very blessed to have him transferring his life experience.”

Lisa Camille Robinson

Thank you Jeffrey for this incredible course. I can really see how useful this information could be if chosen to be applied. Interaction with Jeffrey Slayter will raise your vibration. He is a phenomenal trainer and privilege of learning from him will expand your mind, speed your evolution and open possibility.”

Michael Gray

The art of selling has given me some great new skills and the confidence to use them in all areas of my life – not just selling. Thank you Jeffrey.”

Tracey-Leigh Davey

Thank you for helping me remember how amazing I actually am and what I can do. I already am and it is already done.”

Fenelene Reyes

I’m very happy that I have done this course and now I am ready to sell. ”

Rob Thompson

Educational, informative, inspiring and motivational. Really great seminar. Thank you.”

Vicki Abraham

If you’re ever wondering if this is a worthwhile course then it’s right for you. If you want to ‘get permission’ to do what you know is inside of you waiting to pop out, sign up! My experience of the course has been all positive – overwhelmingly so!”

Michael Perry

Do not miss your opportunity! Jeff is an incredible communicator and raining – he will make you see yourself and your world in an entirely new way. Opening your eyes to your potential and a realization of how amazing you are!”

Craig Teede

Jeffrey is very organised with his thoughts and message and is able to communicate that to individuals in such a way that makes the lessons relevant. I THANK-YOU for the weekend. ”

Ed Lower

Jeffrey’s ‘Heart of sales’ course is such an amazing outlook on how to sell. Something I never considered as what sales actually was and how I could use it to help people and make a difference.”


Challenging, motivating and inspiring a great reminder of what I should be doing with my life and how I can make it happen.”

Phillip McGuigan, Shaw Horizons

Love this guy. You come away feeling happy to get on with life not just business but LIFE. Love it!”

Kelvin Mansfield

Fantastic three days. Craig and I invested in bringing three of our sales staff to Byron Bay from Perth to this course. I was a little skeptical that they would see the benefit. However my skepticism as unfounded and both the sales staff, and Craig and myself will receive returns from our investment many times over in both reinforcing what we already do and improving and adding to hat we don’t do.”

Judy Shaw

Well worth the trip from Perth. I love your work. I was so close to throwing away over 30 years of business/career. You came along just at the right time! Thanks!!”

Adam Oldmeadow

This went far beyond Sales. I have a way for who I am to expand the world.”

Joanne Van Ravenswaaij

Fantastic to have a sales course that covers both practical tips as well as spiritually focusses techniques.”

Ariel Wee

Transformation has to be experienced. It can’t be described. Thank-you Jeffrey, for creating this opportunity for us to shift. It has been a fabulous honeyoon here in Byron Bay learning for Jeffrey and team.”

Matteo Morras

It was the crucial point making me understand how important it is the relationship I that I have with myself in all sectors of life, business and sales included. It was a good challenge and a great experience.”

Jemima Lambell

Thanks for helping me recognise the areas that need clarity to ensure my business and life design are truly successful.”

Marz Hill

Transformation should be easy, quick, accessible and dynamic. Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales and Business is just that. Jeffrey has a unique ability to blend business, sales and infinite consciousness. I changed my life, my business, my sales and me in 4-days.”

Wayde Robertson,

Brilliant work. Watch my sales climb through the roof!.”


I love coming to Jeffrey’s training as I always leave feeling empowered and I am clear on what to do next. It is a privilege to be working with Jeffrey.”

Desi D’Angelo

The Heart of Sales and Business event is amazing. Jeffrey has put together a fantastic experience. I have learnt a lot about myself and have taken some very invaluable lessons from this course that will vastly improve my selling. Thank you.”

Jana Klintoukh

Although I have done numerous sales trainings before, this one really allowed me to merge heart connection and sales. It was such a beautiful process that works well in my world. Thank you so much Jeffrey and team!”

Josephine Harvey

Doing Jeffrey’s Heart of Sales and Business taught me essential components of selling that I had no idea were even essential or particularly relevant. A phenomenal balance of hardcore helpful business and the transformation required for selling something you truly believe in.”

Phillip McGuigan

Thank-you Jeffrey. Your course has changed our lives man – you rock. Keep it up man, we love it all. You and Michelle are good people. I love that. So nice to know people like yourselves. We need more.”

Judy Shaw

Once again, thanks for being you! You kept us in business and delivering our message. Thanks again to you and the entire team from the middle of my heart.”

Kerryn Kuchel

If you are serious about taking your life and business further, I totally recommend working with Jeffrey! His unique blend of corporate experience and heart-based spirituality is brilliant – empowering, inspiring, transformational.”

Melissa Hughes

The Heart of Sales and Business exceeded any expectations I had of the depth of transformation I would experience. I feel empowered, clear and excited about the possibilities coming my way. Thank you Jeffrey from the depths of my being.”

Anastasia Balueva

The Heart of Sales event was a blast! I have had a great time personally. There was a lot for me to learn as I have an engineering background but this just proves the course is for everyone who wants to sell from the heart, whatever it is you are selling.”

Peter Bowden

Thanks Jeffrey – really appreciate the whole experience. I am taking a lot away to process and integrate these techniques. I fully appreciate all that you have offered and I really do not have the words to say about the full value of this.”

Holley Somerville-Knott

I am 11 years old and already even I can see what an inspiration Jeffrey is. I recommend him to all!”

Khadine Aharon

The Heart of Sales and Business was more than a sales course. It was an adventure. An adventure which will enable me to share my gifts with more people that I’ve ever imagined from a space of integrity at my deepest core.”

Carol Knott

This was a fantastic experience and a very interesting way to learn about sales! Empowering and very inspiring.”

Jodie Hopkins

To sell well, you need more than just a system and a process to follow. To really impact your world and the world around you – you need to sell from your heart and soul and with love. Jeffrey’s course has nailed that.”

Marlies Loescher

Jeffrey combines business skill learning with learning to truly be yourself which is one of the hardest lessons. If you master yourself it will benefit not only your business but every part of your life. Jeffrey is perfect to guide you there – I can recommend his courses to every single person. The best investment I have made!”

Chris Leslie

What you do Jeffrey is truly out of this world. Glad our organic time lines met again.”

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