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The Difference Between Existing & Experiencing

Jeffrey Slayter - August 16, 2019 - 0 comments

Perhaps experiencing the difference between the two is the difference between living a mundane life or a fulfilling life.

Knowing the difference between existing and experiencing in yourself is the difference between the mundane and the fulfilling. In my discoveries, and I’m always learning, existing seems to be the state of being we’re in right now, a state of being with everyone around us, yet experiencing on the other hand is actually bringing this existence into ourselves and living it from our own internal reference point.

This is the difference between feeling life or just letting life pass you by. The more we experience life fully, the more we enhance our existence and bring something new to this world.

When we are in existence, we are just a part of the whole. We are not actually feeling and experiencing this existence and the gift of life itself. Experience is what makes our existence meaningful. It is how we respond to everything that happens around us and includes our thoughts, feelings and actions.

We can choose to have rich experiences or to remain just in existence, which does not lead to a fulfilling life. The magic happens when we make moments count and bring them into the world. When you allow yourself to experience something fully, this can also impact the experience of others. We are here to learn and grow and to interact with other people so that our actual existence has a purpose.

So, to be clear and specific, existence itself is the whole existence, and to experience something is to actually bring that existence into ourselves, for our own experience and to share it with others.

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